Daily Archives: 8 February 2007

Indian fielding – The weak link?

Take a look at this article on the Indian fielding written by Jamie Alter.

I think there is a fair amount to agree with regarding the standard of Indian fielding. But the solutions?

The author suggests bringing in Kaif and Raina. So in the author’s scheme of things India’s middle order will have the great fielding ‘cats’ Yuvraj Singh, Mohammed Kaif, Suresh Raina and Dinesh Karthik. When I read this I think of how the reamining team would actually pan out. Dhoni will play and I suppose Dravid and Sachin will not be dropped. Now we need atleast 4 bowlers. So there is really no place for Sourav and Veeru!

Is the author suggesting that India go into an ODI with this kind of a XI because its fielding will look great? What about the batting? The mantra seems to be: “Don’t play Sourav or Veeru, save the extra 40 runs on the field and lose the 150 runs that they might score”.

Am I missing something here? Or is this just a typical strategy article that is meant to scare us fanatics into thinking that this fielding side cannot win ODI’s.

Let me tell you this Mr Jamie Alter. India will score atleast 150 runs more if they do not play Kaif and Raina. This is because we have a resurgent Ganguly and a Sehwag who, in my opinion is much much more dangerous down the order in this line up. So please don’t go about suggesting specific failure strategies.