Letter in The Age…

Read this letter to the editor in The Age, Sunday 18 February 2007 (go to page 4 of this link to read this letter online). The letter is reproduced below.

The letter is on Australia’s loss by 10 wickets to the Kiwis. Since that loss that Sampath Kumar refers to in his letter below, the Aussies have lost yet another one to the Kiwis. Wonder what Kumar will write now?

— Mohan

10 wickets, mate. I’m bloody gutted!

I AM gutted. Bleeding. How could the Aussies go down by 10 wickets to the Kiwis on Friday. Don’t tell me, it is good for cricket. What is cricket without us winning. Even me dog is refusing to eat its tucker.

Mate, it’s the end of the world. If not, bloody close to it. I can’t go to the supermarket without the bloody Kiwis looking and laughing at me. And half of them are over here. Who let them in? I would rather have more Lebanese than Kiwis. At least, they can’t beat us in cricket.

And the missus — who hates cricket and more so, me watching it on the telly and supporting the Aussies — laughed so much on Friday she went into premature labour. She is taking revenge on me; now she wants to call the baby son, Lou Vincent Kumar. She gave me a second option: Paul Collingwood Kumar.

I want the Parliament reconvened. I want a royal commission. Sack the bloody coach. Buchanan is useless. Put Warnie at the helm. If he refuses, pay him double. Or bring back conscription and make him do it.

If Johnny Howard doesn’t do anything about it now, we won’t win the World Cup. And when it happens, just remember, I told you so.

Sampath Kumar, Mornington

One response to “Letter in The Age…

  1. Its so Funny!!
    😛 liked it.

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