The Great Indian Huddle (Pepsi Advert)…

One last video for the day — could not resist! This is also an old one called “The Great Indian Huddle”. Nice advert. Cute kid.

— Mohan

Ps: I have no connection with Pepsi. We have merely pasted adverts here that have a cricketing theme.

7 responses to “The Great Indian Huddle (Pepsi Advert)…

  1. remember, this ad got into trouble for ‘promoting’ (or at least being insensitive to) child labour issues? 🙂

  2. Is this the ad that got into trouble? I wasn’t sure which one it was… There was also an advert (with the punchline: “It’s tough being a West Indian in India.”) that Nimbus got into trouble over during the recently concluded India-West Indies series. We can’t comment too much on that ad because it is sub judice.

    I understand your comment though NAyK…

    — Mohan

  3. I’m not sure what happened to my comment. Perhaps, the comments-guard blocks any comment with two or more links. Therefore I’m listing the two articles that deal with the controversy in separate links below.
    Article one:

  4. I’m trying to post a comment and it doesn’t post. So I’m basically putting a comment saying that there are two links that talk about the Pepsi ad controversy, but I think I’m not able to put the link here. I found them by typing, “child labour” + pepsi ad … in google.

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  6. NAyK: Yes the comments-guard allows only one URL to be posted. Thanks.


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