Vice captain Sachin Tendulkar

We haven’t talked about Sachin Tendulkar’s vice-captaincy role on this blog. In the recent past, a few big-name past players have weighed into this issue. Kapil Dev thought it was an unwise move. Anshuman Gaekwad has weighed into the issue too and has hailed this a good move. Of course, Gaekwad was coach when Tendulkar was India captain.

Kapil Dev said he was opposed to Sachin Tendulkar being offered vice-captaincy. He indicated that the vice-captain should be a ‘grooming’ role for a future step up to captaincy. Given that scenario, he’d have preferred someone younger. Sane thoughts. Wise thoughts. However, he then proceeded to blow sanity away — like only he can — when he said the vice captaincy should have been offered to Sourav Ganguly! Last time I checked, Ganguly was (and still is) 360 days older than Tendulkar! Duh!

Let us remind ourselves that Virender Sehwag was vice-captain in the South African ODI series. Due to his shocking form with bat, he was replaced for the Tests by V. V. S. Laxman. After all, if a players’ place in the team itself is in question, pray why have him as the vice-captain?

The World Cup team has Sachin Tendulkar as vice-captain.

Firstly, as Gaekwad says, Dilip Vengsarkar should be commended for coaxing Tendulkar to take on the vice-captaincy role. This is a move that has Indian cricket’s interests at its core. Tendulkar has always been a loyal, passionate and unshakeable servant of Indian cricket. I do not believe that the vice-captaincy will not do much to either diminish or augment that aspect of his game. He will play as only Tendulkar can. He has always been a fiercely responsible and a thorougly committed player that has the team’s best interests at heart. Again, I do not believe that the vice-captaincy mantle will not do much to either diminish or augment that aspect of his game.

Yet, I think this is a good move because I think it sends a strong signal to the rest of the team. The combination of Dravid, the process-freak-and-workoholic and Tendulkar, the committed-passionate-wizard — both with over 300 games of ODI experience — will send a message to the rest of the team. Where one will drive the players to give off their best by dint of his own work-ethic and discipline the other will exhort to give off their best by dint of his passion, pride and commitment. And when needed, the two will scrum to come up with ways of dealing with tough situations as and when they crop up.

— Mohan

3 responses to “Vice captain Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Sachin as Vice Captain means that the team not have a natural candidate for the VC.

    Mercurial Sehwag is on the brink of being dropped. from the team. VVS Laxman, Vice Captain for tests has been dropped for One-days. Yuvraj has to establish himself again. Kaif who was capataincy material, is also dropped. Then who ? Dhoni could have been a possibility.

    On the field chemistry is an indication – the decisions seem to made by all seniors – Dravid, Sachin, Ganguly, Kumble, VVS Laxman, …

    It is almost like the West Indies team; there is no clear second leader. There is Lara and others. Gayle is showing up now. For Australia, Hussey is a natural choice.

    Here is flighted delivery – Is Hussey the next Bradman ?

  2. Sachin Tendulkar, while in the side, has almost always played the next most important role to the captain since he gave up the mantle. Dilip Vengsarkar rightfully formalized that role. If one were to believe Sachin’s statements, and I for one do so, he is not interested in taking back the captaincy. Having said that, by taking on the role of deputy to Dravid, he certainly has resolved the uncertainty surrounding the role. Also, it also makes sense to have a solid and stable leadership team leading into an important campaign like the World Cup. Sachin himself must be extraordinarly determined to win us back the cup and with him in this frame of mind, it only makes sense for him to play the very role that Mohan has referred to. By characterizing this appointment as some kind of a stop-gap, consensus candidature of sorts, only equates to insulting the team management and more importantly insulting the great man himself. Finally, a sane decision in this regard should only be lauded.

  3. For reasons only known to himself(maybe a RS/LS seat from Bengal), Kapil Dev has been showing unabashed support for Ganguly and the opposite for Chappell ,ever since the chappell-ganguly fiasco.And this is just a follow-up of the same.Statements like these might get him the much desired airtime but lead to unneccessary friction in a well established team.

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