India’s schedule for the World cup?

Mohan’s article was an interesting read about results in the Group stage that would maximize India’s chances of advancing to the semis. But, here is what I think will be the standing at the end of the Group stage –

Group A Group B Group C Group D
1. Australia India New Zealand West Indies
2. South Africa Sri Lanka England Pakistan

The reasoning for these standings is that I believe the 8 teams shown above will beat the minnows easily and the real test is the match played between each other. Of these, I think Australia will beat South Africa, India will beat Sri Lanka and so on…

Based on these standings, these are the games India will be playing –

Date Opponent
March 28 South Africa
April 01 Pakistan
April 04 England
April 12 New Zealand
April 16 Australia
April 18 West Indies

It is interesting to see that if this scenario plays out, India’s last game of the Super 8s will be on the 18th of April against the hosts – West Indies. All other teams will have another game to go after that and I hope India would have already qualified by then – rather than wait on the outcome of the next three games, which they will have no control over…


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