Wise Words from Ranatunga

Ranatunga has categorically said that this is the strongest Indian one day side ever and is the side to beat. I have not had a chance to read through all the posts and comments on  this blog on the possible last four combinations. Having said that, I find it difficult to argue with Ranatunga’s selection of India, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. The only side that I might have had different would have been West Indies instead of New Zealand. Home side advantage is a huge factor in the World Cup and particularly in the Caribbean. My prediction of an India v Sri Lanka still stays. It is interesting to note that Ranatunga has a very high regard for Uthappa and recommends that Uthappa open in all the games. I am not so sure I agree to his view that Sehwag should be up at the top, atleast, I am not convinced yet. What is most satisfying to hear is his comparison of this Indian side with the winning combination that he lead in 1996.


2 responses to “Wise Words from Ranatunga

  1. Interesting to see that you do not have South Africa in the mix…

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