All (the) Time “I thought I was in” India’s XV

While we are beating this topic to death, let me dig up the grave!! Here is a list of XV Indian players who could have been/may have been/may have thought to have been/should have been/dreamt of/claimed to be/threatened to/pretended to/had the potential to play for Indian one day team but remained on the fringe for a considerable period or never made it. This is the “Golden Rasberry (Razzie Awards)” of Indian one day cricket.

In Batting Order:

1. VB Chandrasekhar – Played an out of the world (I saw it, believe me!) innings in an Irani Trophy game, got into the side, threatened to take New Zealand apart, fizzled out into complete oblivion, came back to become a selector and is now a commentator for Ranji Trophy Games

2. Gagan Khoda – Did this fella give Tendulkar a run for his money (in his dreams!!!), Rajasthan’s CK Nayudu but a man from Mars in the Indian team

3. Raman Lamba – Poor soul got killed fielding at forward short leg in Bangladesh, his stance was moving to say the least, played a poor man’s Sehwag shot over third man for six quite often

4. HH Kanitkar – I have no idea how this chap managed to play 35 games for India but he did and got away with it, threatens to take away the captaincy from Bahutule for Maharashtra but manages to retain No.3 batting slot for that side…

5. H. Badani – I feel sorry to place Badani in the side because he really had potential (really, I mean it!!), has scored a hundred for India, and along with Dinesh Mongia will always figure in the Indian 30 probables for all his life (literally!!), is fit enough to play for tamil nadu leagues – I am sorry enough to make him captain of the side!

6. A. Bedade – Boy! did we believe we had an Afridi on the Indian side; he was left handed too (a rarity those days), his big sixes never came and he went!!

7. Surinder Khanna (WK) – It was a tough choice for the wicketkeeping role (( had pick from Saba Karim, Pankaj Dharmani, Sameer Dighe, Vijay Yadav etc, C. S. Pandit, S. Viswanath etc.) but went for him since he shook the Sharjah crowd when he played for India, those Delhi thugs did rule India for a while didn’t they (include Ajay Sharma, Atul Wassan etc.. in the scheme of things)

8. Sanjeev Sharma – Another Delhite (didn’t I say!), could have been Kapil Dev’s opening partner, could have been a big hitter, ended up could have been!

9. Chetan Sharma – I know that some people may not like to see him in this team since he may have played a decent role for India. I am not so sure I would agree, the century he made against England being sent in at N0.3 by Srikkanth may have been a feather in Srikkanth’s cap and Chetan Sharma’s record, the last ball six by Miandad may have just about neutralized that! By the way, another could have been Kapil Dev opening partner

10. Murali Karthik – I am sorry friends but this is where he belongs! a highly overrated player, still mystified as to how he got to play for Middlesex (one may very well ask, so what?) but even more surprised that he was one of Dravid’s favorites. I think it is curtains for him as far as India is concerned.

11. Nikil Chopra – It was a tough choice between him and Arshad Ayub, but I decided to go with the “Bash Delhi” theme and retain him in the side.

The remaining four are:

12. Arshad Ayub

13. Kirti Azad (The innings at the JN stadium in Delhi against Pakistan was an aberration)

14. Amay Khurasia

15. Raju Kulkarni

– Srikanth

8 responses to “All (the) Time “I thought I was in” India’s XV

  1. Good choice of Murali Kartik — I suspect you won’t be surprised if gnbmdr complains 🙂

    What? No Sujith Somasunder?

    — Mohan

  2. It was tough to leave of the likes of Somasunder, Vijay Bharadwaj, Ashish Nehra etc.

  3. I do not understand the humor, if it is intended. I presume most would know the “politiking local & regional” in the selection of the Indian side.

    Some players got the wrong end of the stick and could not make it to the side ; or did not know how to suck up to the big guys. Even Dilip was protected by Sunil Gavasakar for a long time.

    Even in this side, it looks like Sehwag, Pathan are political selections.

    Dravid definitely screwed up big time by selecting Shewag and Munaf for the Final test at South Africa.

  4. Team-2:
    T. E. Srinivasan, Arun Lal, Sujith Somasunder, Sadagopan Ramesh, VVS Laxman (captain), Amay Khurasiya, S. Sriram, Deep Dasgupta, Ajay Ratra, Sadanand Vishwanath, Parthiv Patel, Reetinder Singh Sodhi, Vijay Bharadwaj, Jacob Martin, Sanjay Bangar, Harvinder Singh, Salil Ankola, Vivek Razdan, Ashish Kapoor, Rahul Sanghvi.

    There are 20 in this team!

    The controversial inclusion is that of Laxman as captain! He is a talent that has been wasted several times over, in my view. Sadanand Vishwanath is possibly another controversial choice!

    Also, this team has as many as 4 wicketkeepers (Vishwanath, DropGupta, Party and Ratra)! Mind you, that’s after I had to cull the likes of Vijay Dahiya and Sameer Dighe who were not even good enough to make the frustrations-list!

  5. Hmm … Interesting
    Here’s another cutoff I have had in mind for years. The Sharmas. Most qualify for this list:

    Chetan Sharma
    Ajay Sharma
    Sanjeev Sharma
    Gopal Sharma
    Yashpal Sharma
    Parthasarthy Sharma
    Madan Lal Sharma
    Joginder Sharma
    Keerti Azad Sharma -well, an honorary Sharma 😉

  6. Guys,
    Stumbled upon this blog while googling Raman Lamba. A big omission from this list, one who could qualify as “had the potential” is one Mr Vinod Kambli. 3 double centuries before he turned 24 and yet nothing to drive home about his career. Just a shame that he couldnt do justice to his talent!



    I think that one player who was an apt replacement for KIRMANI was SADANAND VISHWANATH. He was undoubtedly one of the best wicket keepers of Indian side. It is tragic that a brilliant career was nipped in the bud due to peronal tragedies. If SADA had continued in the same form , then Mr KIRAN MORE would be a forgotten story. Iam sure GANGULY would have been a happier man

  8. kaushik barman

    well u guys forget few names like k.p.bhaskar ,w.v.raman,Debasish mohanty ,ashoke malhotra ,shiv sunder das ,sairaj bahutule and few more

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