Imran, Barry & Deano — predictions on NDTV

This morning I was watching a program on NDTV where Prannoy Roy was having a chat with Imran Khan, Barry Richards & Dean Jones about the World Cup. Here are their ratings of the top teams.

Top teams

Imran Khan – 1. Australia 2. India 3. Sri Lanka

Barry Richards – 1. Australia 2. India 3. Sri Lanka

Dean Jones – 1. Australia 2. South Africa 3. India

Top Batsmen

Imran Khan – Ricky Ponting & Yuvraj Singh

Barry Richards – Ricky Ponting & Jacques Kallis

Dean Jones – Adam Gilchrist & Ricky Ponting

Of course since the program was aired on an Indian channel, India featured prominently on everyone’s list! But I think this is an indication that the experts think. The wickets might just favor sub continental teams — Bangladesh’s recent win against NZ is also an early pointer.

– Sanjay

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