Daily Archives: 13 March 2007

C’mon Mr Ponting!

Ricky Ponting’s personal attack on Sunil Gavaskar is really too much to digest.

Gavaskar mentioned that Australia was not a popular champion. But for Ponting to take it out personally on Gavaskar is just plain immaturity. Gavaskar has now replied Ponting fittingly.

If Ponting thinks that most champion teams were unpopular, ask him to just think a bit about the great West Indian teams of the late seventies and early eighties. Just a simple image of a Viv Richards or a Michael Holding is enough to bring a nostalgic smile on our faces. They played the game with such elegance, spirit and cavalier enthusiasm that they really set an example for other champion teams to follow suit.

Yes of course Gavaskar should not have protested and threatened to walk out in that famous Test match in Melbourne when given out. Yes the Indians’ Test record in the last year is not something to write home about.

But is that the point?

Is this Gavaskar versus the Australian team? In case Michael Slater made a comment in commentary about the indifferent form of Virender Sehwag should he be reminded about his own reaction to a Dravid catch that he claimed being refused?

Does Ponting imply that a cricketer of Gavaskar’s stature, standing and record cannot comment on the Australian team and if he does do so, he should be subjected to this absolutely pointless virulent personal attack?

Dear Mr Ponting it is time you grew up and looked at the job on hand. Your time will come. In about 5 to 6 years time. You will be writing for some magazine and you will get your chance to say what you want. And a future India captain is going to get back at you for this particular attack. And then you will understand what you did today. Meanwhile let’s just get on with the World Cup.