News in brief: Wednesday 14 March 2007

— Mohan

5 responses to “News in brief: Wednesday 14 March 2007

  1. Can any of your major contributors please comment—in view of Ponting vs gavaskar controversy–why is it that Gavskar can not over rule Shiva Sena’s leaders order that Pakistan will not play a test in Mumbai!!!!–Sunny should get his own house in order before teaching gospel to others–like it or not, Aussie are brought up to be socioeconomically independent individuals from a very young age and this shows up in every aspect of life, sports, employment while Indians are brought up with blind following and hero worship of any one that is one year older , from a higher caste, fairer skin, more educated, wealthiier etc.
    I will respect Gavaskar when he over rules Shiva Sena and allow Pakistan to play cricket safely in Mumbai forever

  2. Dear Sampath Kumar

    With due respects, this must rank as one of the strangest comments I have heard. It is like saying Ponting should only open his mouth once he has solved the children-overboard issue! That and Ponting’s cricketing opinion are two totally unrelated things. Just as Ponting should not be held responsible for a political machinery that he has no control over, Gavaskar need not (and indeed, should not) be held responsible for the machinations of a political party that he has no jurisdiction or control over! Next you’ll be asking Gavaskar to only comment on cricketing issues once he has personally eradicated world poverty and hunger!

    — Mohan

  3. Mr.Sampath Kumar,FYI Gavaskar is one of the fiercest critics of Shiv Sena and is credited saving a family from rioters during Bombay riots. He has always backed Indian pride be it on a cricket field or off it(there is an incident with pakistani singer Noorjahan where he gave her same medicine he gave to Ponting).On the other hand Ponting is a arrogant player who needs to get back on ground.I am amazed that you have forgotten the sharad pawar incident.Whatever be your feelings for Pawar, he is a senior indian representing the Indian cricket board who deserved better respect.

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