West Indies win, Canada wakes up, West Indians abroad rejoice

I caught the last few overs of the West Indies Vs Pakistan game — official duties prevented me from catching the exciting parts of the game. This was the first game of the 2007 World Cup.

Pakistan tamely folded to a tight opposition. The West Indian bowling and fielding seems to have picked up considerably since their pathetic loss against India.

The resurgence of Darren Powell has been a revelation for the West Indians. My Jamaican colleague at work was mentioning to me that Mr. Powell has had to go through quite a turmoil personally and professionally over the last few overs particularly with respect to his stint in South Africa and has fought back hard since. (I have no official confirmation of the same, nevertheless). Caribbeans form a large community in Canada, I interact with a sizeable West Indian contingent at work most of whom have had great apprehensions about West Indies’s chances. Today’s game seems to have provided them with renewed hope.

Cricket fever seems to have reached new levels in Canada. Canada’s participation in the 2003 event did not have this kind of a response. Maybe the combination of Canada’s qualification, the proximity of the tournament — geographically speaking — and the evergrowing immigrant population primarily from South Asia and the Caribbean has played into the Canadian psyche. Toronto Star, one of the leading newspapers here published a major supplement over the weekend. The flag fever which occurred during the FIFA world cup has reappeared — indicative of the growing popularity of cricket in this part of the world. I will do a feature on cricket in Canada at some point. Cricket is here to stay in Canada.

My loyality, however, remains with the best cricket team in the World: India…

– Srikanth

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