A Shock to the system

That is what Bangladesh gave India. Whether they recover from this to win the game remains to be seen. Vish had earlier predicted that it would be a close game and suggested that if India batted first, a 250 score would be par. India have ended up nearly 60 runs behind.

Sending Sehwag in to open the innings in my opinion was a mistake. With Sehwag looking for form, it would have been a lot better sending him down the order. While Bangladesh looked confident and full of energy, India looked nervous and hesitant from the start. Sehwag’s early wicket put India further on the defensive.

The two main things India lacked was partnerships and rotation of strike in the earlier overs. It was probably a hard wicket to bat on, but credit should be given to the Bangla bowlers for bowling really well. We will find out about the true nature of the wicket once Bangladesh comes into bat.

The fielding of Bangladesh was good too. They dived and chased with vigour and probably saved around 20 odd runs. 

When India come out to bowl, they should be looking for wickets and as it such a small total, it has to be tight as well. The first 10 overs is going to crucial,

Overall, it has been an outstanding performance from Bangladesh and credit should be given where it is due. Take a bow, Bangladesh.


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