Batting second…

Of her last 50 ODI games, India has won 26, lost 21 and 3 games have ended in a “no result”.

Of these India has batted in the 2nd Innings in 25 of these games — nearly 50% of the games!

Of these 50 recent ODI games, India has:

  • lost 14 games batting first (including the recent shock loss to Bangladesh).
  • lost 7 games batting 2nd
  • won 8 games batting first
  • won 18 games batting second

In other words, in recent times, of the games India has won, nearly 70% of them have come when India has chased a target!

Moreover, when India chases a target (plays in the 2nd innings), India wins 72% of its games!

Furthermore, in recent times, if India bats first, it only wins 36% of its games!

With a record like this, Blind Freddy would have said, “win toss bat second”. Unfortunately, Dravid wasn’t blind when he called/chose. Nor was his name Freddy!

Why would Dravid bat first on a seaming pitch and that too with an ‘opener’ who is short on form? Strikes me of pig-headed bravado.

[Happy to be corrected if any of the above is wrong]

— Mohan

One response to “Batting second…

  1. That is truely amazing statistics. Knowing that this is the KEY game in the group stage, why did Dravid do it?

    Nothing encapsulates the Indian thought process better than the phrase ‘pig headed bravado’

    India now have an uphill task of reaching the Super eights what with selection headaches. If you select Karthik you are a bowler short, if you select Sehwag you are virtually a batsman short….and if you play Pathan you chase twenty runs extra!!!

    Sachin bhai, zera neendh se utao, please!!

    -Vish & Blind Freddy

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