Saddened by this…

The Hindu has published a photo of Dhoni’s house being attacked in the wake of Indias’ loss to Bangladesh. This is a sad reflection of passionate fans assuming the right to invade the privacy of a players’ home just because the national team lost a cricket game!

As I have said before, Indian fans are known for their passionate support. I know that Indian fans go to ridiculous extents to support the team. We heard of a fan building a cricket Ganesha temple that continues to draw huge crowds. A fan is looking at selling/donating his kidney to fund his trip to the West Indies to see the World Cup!

Such is the passion for the game in India.

I find this simultaneously wonderous as well as frightening. It is in fact this very aspect that makes the life of a die-hard Indian fan, most difficult.

But there ought to be a modicum of decency here. We have to learn to respect the fundamental right of individuals; a right to their privacy; a right to protect their home and their security. Unfortunately, Indian cricket fans have not learned to treat this as a game. To most fans, cricket is more than a game!

Indian fans teeter between “chop his head off” and “create a statue for this legend” — sometimes all it takes is one game for the pendulum to swing from one extreme to another without even a contemplation of a resting point along the journey! We don’t seem to have a balance (forget even a resting point) for this wildly swinging, erratic pendulum.

This is a truly sad reflection of a society that is bursting to be recognised a modern and a civilised one…

— Mohan

4 responses to “Saddened by this…

  1. Really sad Indeed!

    Here is where BCCI should step and come up with some kind of propoganda through the press.

    I would like them to make a documentry of what it takes to be an International cricketer.

    The majority of the fans have no clue about the sweat, blood and tears that are shed to reach the top and continue there. A typical Indian fan have no idea about the sacrifices players have to make and the kind of pressure they face.

    The BCCI should interview past players (please no Srikkanth!) and also compare what Indian players have to go through in comparison to overseas players.

    I am still not sure if it will have any impact on some of these effigy burning, slogan shouting, house demolition maniacs but those who are on the fringes of ‘maniachood’ who are easily swayed by the mob can be influenced.

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  3. I do agree with the sentiment.

    If the government donates land to some poor folks, I understand. Wy Dhoni ? He is a Crorepathi for sure.

    I remember Sachin for his Ferari car did not want to pay taxes.

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