The mindset was right

India’s triumph over Bermuda was emphatic, but the more encouraging aspect of the win was the team’s mindset. They looked like they were fully focused on the job at hand and went about it without fuss. The Net Run Rate side of things looks a lot better now.

I mentioned in my earlier post (Go for Broke India) that the Indians needed to approach the game with an uncluttered mind and that is what they did. Even if this was a win against the least fancied of teams, they could take away many positives.

Two things are clear:

  1. Virender Sehwag justified his place in the side and definitely needs to be picked for the Sri Lanka game. Many have clamoured for his removal, but Rahul Dravid and Greg Chappell kept faith. In my opinion he was not picked in the team because he is the current ‘blue eyed boy’ of the think tank. Actually, far from it. If anyone can identify a cricketing skill and match winning ability, it is Chappell. I for one don’t doubt his integrity and Dravid’s judgement in reading players. That is why Sehwag is in despite his failures and Pathan is not.
  2. Harbajan should come back to the team for Kumble in the next game. I feel Kumble is less effective against the lefties and if you look at the Sri Lankan line up, you have Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakarra, Tharanga, Russell Arnold and Chaminda Vaas. Even against the game against Bermuda, he was unconvincing against Hemp and Minors.

It is pity that Pathan is still not in the scheme of things yet. He is a potential match winner with both bat and ball and his presence will get the balance right. Many will argue that he should have played against Bermuda instead of Agarkar, but even if he had a half-decent game, he is not a certainty for Sri Lanka. One can only hope he discovers his bowling mojo soon.


4 responses to “The mindset was right

  1. Hold your horses.
    A century against part-timers Bermuda
    and suddenly Sehwag justifies his selection!

    Had I been him I would have been
    too embarrassed today of scoring
    a century against a true minnow to justify my selection.

    Nobody doubts Sehwag’s matchwinning skill;
    it is his selection in spite of his present loss of form that has been questioned.

    Sehwag has some tough tests to pass before he justifies his selection in the team, starting 23rd.

    He is not out of the woods yet,
    and neither are Chappell and Dravid.

  2. The body language was definitely better.

    If the television image of a sombre Sreesanth with Greg Chappel in the background said it all during the Bangladesh match, the image of Sreesanth and Pathan singing and having a good time towards the end of the Bermuda game reflected the upbeat mood of the players in the middle.

    Although this was only a win against one of the weakest teams in the competition, it would have gone a long way in boosting the confidence of team India.

    But, as little indian points out, we are not out of the woods yet…

  3. Totally agree with all points made so far. It will be a mini-miracle if India qualifies. Basically, they need to do their stuff properly and beat Sri Lanka (the controllables) and then they are at the mercy of the remaining two important games.

    However, the intensity was there. But then so were the self-doubts that seemed to co-exist happily!

    While Sehwag scored the runs in the end, he did not receive many good inswingers. Malinga and Vaas will test him and expose him. It was good to see him score runs. But he still has work to do, in my view.

    I agree with the comment re: Harbhajan.

    — Mohan

  4. Fair comment Little Indian.

    Sure, Sehwag belted a club attack, but that was’nt his fault. Was it?

    I am not saying he is back to his swash buckling best. Not by a long shot. The fact that he took the opportunity inspite of a jittery start will help his and Dravid’s confidence – and will rub on the whole team.

    Mohan, I agree that Malinga and Co. will be a different cup of tea and their inswingers will test Sehwag. That is why he should play in the lower middle order. Besides, we need Sehwag on the team for balance (read: his bowling option).

    If (a big if!) India makes to the Super8s based in NRR, Sehwag’s innings will be worth its weight in gold (atleast for the Sponsors!)

    – Vish

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