Daily Archives: 22 March 2007

SL beating Bangladesh – Good for India

The day after the Bermuda win I kept arguing with people here that an SL win against Bangladesh is good for India. This article just confirms it. Now we just beat SL and go through with 2 points. Bangladesh despite their good showing are more dependent on the outcome of tomorrow’s game and must hope that SL beat India. If India wins tomorrow Bangladesh will have to do much much better than what India did against Bermuda. There is of course another scenario that Cricinfo has forgotten to include. In case India thrash SL tomorrow how much difficult or easy will it be for Bangladesh to get through! After the Bangladesh game, we were generally being written off. Even today just because SL thrashed Bangladesh, a team that we lost to, we are not exactly favorites for tomorrow’s game. But tomorrow is another day!

– Sanjay