A Reality Check after all!

Well, cricket is a great leveller, ain’t it? Sambit Bal’s beautiful article for Cricinfo has come true after all. I am sure the pundits and the not-so pundits will dissect every aspect of the game/tournament and analyze every move made by India. The simple fact of the matter is that India were beaten by teams playing like it was a sport and winning like we do in sport. As attached (emotionally and otherwise) cricket fans all of us needed a reality check, didn’t we? At this moment, I sympathize with the Indian cricket team (at least some of them!) for they are humans after all and have tried to play this as a sport. Boy, have they received a reality check? The load of a billion unrealistic people to carry is not something I dream of, I do not envy them at all at this point. Several possible solutions come to mind but I will hold them back till another day. The only thing I would like to see is cricket return to India as a sport and nothing else. Something that we could enjoying playing, watching, cherishing wins and moving on after losses……I only hope that the players’s and the coach’s safety are taken as paramount and these humans let to return to back to normal life….

 – Srikanth


3 responses to “A Reality Check after all!

  1. sampath kumar

    Dear Srikanth,
    What Indian cricket and cricketers need is a resolution to refuse to play in mickey mouse games and play only in ICC approved games in traditional centres ie games in Las Vegas, Disneyland, Timbuktoo, KL, HK etc that fill the coffers of BCCI, ICC, Management companies, photo opportunities for politicians, CEOs of sponsors, billion dollars for the bookies and zilch for the game , advertising companies totally unconnected with cricket that buy a bat manufacturing company just to advertise their name for unconnected product!!! All the jargons and cliches re promoting the game in new frontiers are just window dressing. If ICC is really serious, let us have two world team of second tier players play these games and promote the game in Mars, Jupiter and saturn.

    Let cricket be for the cricketers, by the cricketers and of the cricketers–and not for the sharks and charlatans.

  2. This tournament has stopped making sense after woolmers murder.There is no guarantee anymore that matches are being played fairly.If somebody that prominent can get murdered in midst of a such a important tournament ,it shows how fearless these guys are and how deep they have penetrated the system.
    One thing which I find no one seems to mention in cricinfo or your site is umpiring is horrible in this WC. And as for India they deserved to lose,they lack the same thing pak lacks , passion to win.Something which both sri lanka and bangladesh had.Maybe the tension in each of their countries’ is driving them on field.

  3. What you write is very true. Players need some sympathy given the immense pressure they were under. Granted they didn’t do their best. But as you say we need to return to treating cricket just as a game, and not as a marketing phenomenon and a symbol of national pride.

    Funny, how we are victims of our own symbolism. Basically we had two bad days, but in a world cup that is all matters!

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