News in brief: Sunday 1 April 2007


2 responses to “News in brief: Sunday 1 April 2007

  1. It looks like Greg Chappell will be let go. His SMS to Rajan Bala will be used as the reason.

    Sachin will be dropped from one-days.

    Rahul stripped of captaincy. I have noticed that Rahul Dravid was the best batsman for India until became the captain.

    I sincerely hope Yuvraj is not made the captain. He is arrogant – his body dynamics clearly show that- Greg’s SMS even points to that. Atleast, you could see the anguish in Sachin’s face and Dravid’s face, when SL defeated India. Yuvraj is probably looking beyond, for captaincy ??

    BTW, I think Ian Chappell has a point about Sachin. After watching 3rd test vs Pakistan at the Bangalore and recent 3rd test at SA, I feel that both Dravid and Sachin ‘s batting were totally inept. Not the world class, dominating batsmen stuff. A rookie spinner (worse than Murali Karthik ??) was treated with such utmost respect, and was given maiden over after maiden over. No singles even one single (gentle tap it beyond third-man or point, square leg) . It is one thing, a batsman gets out to a good ball. That is luck. Another thing is to let the opposition gain control and then succumb to the bowling.

    PS: sorry for the typos, thanks.

  2. If Roebuck had his way all non-white countries would be banned from cricket.I don’t know about rest but Greg Chappell certainly needs to go.. He never seems to want to take responsibility.

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