News in brief: Tuesday 3 April 2007


2 responses to “News in brief: Tuesday 3 April 2007

  1. Circinfo also reports

    “And the seniors? Were they aloof and self-absorbed? Were they so focused on protecting their own turf that they ended up stifling the junior players? Did some of them openly promote groupism and try to undermine Dravid?”

    I predict most likely Dinesh Karthick’s career is over. Since Dinesh seems to have the support of Greg, the senior players did not like Greg, now they will make sure, he is not selected for any match and only Robin Utappa is selected.

  2. PMK protest Indian cricket team’s dismal performance

    Chennai, April. 3 (PTI): The Pattali Makkal Katchi today took out portraits of the Indian cricket team members on the backs of donkeys, protesting the team’s dismal performance in the World Cup.

    Wearing a black shirt, PMK founder S Ramadoss, who led the protest, demanded that cricket be banned in India for at least the next five years.

    “Let us ban playing cricket for five years and encourage traditional sports like Kabaddi, Kalari and Silambattam. At least, they will save the country’s honour,” he said.

    Ramadoss flayed the cricket players “for minting money in the name of the game.”

    Several volunteers were dressed like Indian team members and they lowered their heads in shame for the dismal performance.

    ‘Tamizhaga pride redemption movement’, a PMK outfit, organised the protest.

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