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Essays on India’s WC exit

A lot has been written about the Indian cricket team after its exit. Here is a cross section of articles that you may find interesting –


News in brief: Wednesday 4 April 2007


Tendulkar speaks out!

Tendulkar has spoken out to the Times of India on the whole “attitude” issue.

The Tendulkar Factor

There is far too much that has been said and talked about in the last few days about the Chappell/Dravid – Seniors rift. In particular, Sachin Tendulkar has had to bear most of brunt (again!!!!). Strangely, he has been made to look like a petty, attention-seeking, egotistic, opportunity-depriving individual. While anyone and everyone seems to acknowledge his contribution to Indian cricket, they feel that his behavior and performance in the recent past only leads to one thing, his resignation. I decry this idiocy in the strongest terms. I can only imagine what must be going through Sachin’s head and heart at this time (he must surely have a big one of the latter to put up with this nonsense). All this as a result of one failure (maybe two in this WC, his innings against Bermuda was required to even give us a chance of qualifying), speculated words of a disappointing, to say the least, coach and the silence of the captain..Mahesh and Mohan have gone to lengths describing the declining standards in coaching and behaviour of Greg Chappell. How irresponsible can the India media be to attack the character and performance of an individual who has basically put India on the cricket map like no one else has before, one who has won and continues to win matches for India through his own individual performance and unrecognized brilliance on and off the field based on the speculated words of an embarrassingly weak and insecure coach and the comments of his pompous and arrogant brother. This has to stop. I hope the April 6/7 meeting addresses this issue in all seriousness and that, as Mohan has suggested in another blog, the BCCI and its think-thank look beyond the pettiness of this whole issue and initiate a move towards proper strategy and long-term planning.

– Srikanth