Essays on India’s WC exit

A lot has been written about the Indian cricket team after its exit. Here is a cross section of articles that you may find interesting –


2 responses to “Essays on India’s WC exit

  1. There is an interesting article – real culprits – points to the failure of Indian batting esp. overseas.

    The domestic record is good, but overseas, the batting record is very poor.

    A good batsman is measured by the runs overseas against quality teams not bashing the minnows.

    In a way, I am not impressed by the Aussuies, since the quality of the opposition seems weak. That is not their fault.

  2. Looks like all coaches have been a problem for the Senior players. The reason is their mega super star status and they do not want to listen to anyone.

    They complained about Sandeep Patil.

    John Wright was a quiet man. It looks like Ganguly did not even bother to listen to him. BCCI in its infinite wisdom made Gavasakar as consultant. John Wright did not like it. He quietly resigned.

    There is a lot of furor about Greg Chappell.

    One of the issues, in the past, the players felt the coach was as talented as them. In the case of Greg Chappell that is not true. Greg is a much better batsman than most Indian team players.

    Now for the new coach, I sincerely hope that Viv does not take this job. Money $10 Million per year is attractive for any one. Viv is my cricket idol and I do not want his reputation sullied.

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