The Tendulkar Factor

There is far too much that has been said and talked about in the last few days about the Chappell/Dravid – Seniors rift. In particular, Sachin Tendulkar has had to bear most of brunt (again!!!!). Strangely, he has been made to look like a petty, attention-seeking, egotistic, opportunity-depriving individual. While anyone and everyone seems to acknowledge his contribution to Indian cricket, they feel that his behavior and performance in the recent past only leads to one thing, his resignation. I decry this idiocy in the strongest terms. I can only imagine what must be going through Sachin’s head and heart at this time (he must surely have a big one of the latter to put up with this nonsense). All this as a result of one failure (maybe two in this WC, his innings against Bermuda was required to even give us a chance of qualifying), speculated words of a disappointing, to say the least, coach and the silence of the captain..Mahesh and Mohan have gone to lengths describing the declining standards in coaching and behaviour of Greg Chappell. How irresponsible can the India media be to attack the character and performance of an individual who has basically put India on the cricket map like no one else has before, one who has won and continues to win matches for India through his own individual performance and unrecognized brilliance on and off the field based on the speculated words of an embarrassingly weak and insecure coach and the comments of his pompous and arrogant brother. This has to stop. I hope the April 6/7 meeting addresses this issue in all seriousness and that, as Mohan has suggested in another blog, the BCCI and its think-thank look beyond the pettiness of this whole issue and initiate a move towards proper strategy and long-term planning.

– Srikanth

8 responses to “The Tendulkar Factor

  1. No point in getting emotional. Tendulkar can not play till he is 50 years old. He has to retire someday. In my view, his performances are below in the last few years, except against small teams.

    The same set of seniors could not play for Sandeep Patil. So, there is a problem here.

    Sunil Gavaskar was also a great player for India. So is Kapil Dev, Bishen Bedi, GR Viswanath, Mohinder Amarnath. In fact as a team, they have achieved more success.

    I admire the NZ team in this world cup. They do not have any super star – Martin Crowe. Still they are so successful.

    In India we have super stars and not done much both in one-day or tests.

  2. Now, Greg Chappell has resigned. I am sure it is a relief to the “Indian Seniors”

    They can continue to milk the endorsement revenue for the next 10 years – for billions.

  3. If sachin’s performances have been below par then why was he given man of series in the west indies series before the WC.The same set of seniors took India to WC 2003 final but most of us are too short sighted to see beyond 2 matches .NZ has never won the cup and nor were gavaskar,bedi, vishwanath instrumental in 83 world cup so I don’t see how they make ur list.As far as I know both bedi and gavaskar have never been known as great team players.I admire Gavaaskar for his national pride but he was also very regionally biased as a captain(victim Dilip doshi).
    When you manage a team, its the leaders duty to manage all elements in a team and bring out their best not vice versa.Thats why managers are paid higher so if chappell or sandeep patil have an issue all I can say is they are bad leaders.

  4. The current WI team (Lara + 10 other guys) is as good as minnows, esp, when they are playing in India.

    So, man of the series against WI or a double century against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe does not mean anything.

    I agree that Gavaskar and Bishen Bedi were not team players. Irrespective of their biases, Gavasakar was one of the great opening batsmen and Bedi was a great bowler. The point is that there were many world class players India has produced over the years, not Sachin only.

    WC 2003 does not mean anything in 2007 and that should guarantee a place in the 2007 team. It was miserable to watch 2003 finals, how India got creamed by Australia – Ponting.

    FYI, Damien Martyn (superb player), Jason Gillespie, Andy Bichel from WC 2003 Champs are not in the Australia 2007 side now.

    The current semi-final teams look like : Australia, NZ, Srilanka and South Africa.

    NZ creamed Australia recently without any super stars.

  5. “Ian also said that Greg had not questioned Sachin Tendulkar’s attitude, but had challenged him to resurrect his batting.

    “Improvement doesn’t come without constantly challenging yourself and also responding to the demands of your team-mates, something that happened regularly in the Australian team,” Ian wrote.

    “Having seen Tendulkar struggle in recent times, Greg would accept it as part of his job to challenge the little master to resurrect his batting in order to help India win matches. That is not questioning a player’s attitude. That is called striving for improvement.”

  6. Srikanth Mangalam

    If Ian says so, I suppose, we are expected to believe him. Why? Suddenly, the Chappells are the “honest” ones in the process. And Tendulkar isn’t?

  7. Greg did not make his views public. It was wrong of Sachin to go public with his views. Whatever his grievences, he should have told in the BCCI proper channels, not use the media.

    Clearly Sachin has not been performing up to his super star levels in the recent 2 -3 years, in comparison to Ponting or Lara, Inzi …

    Something interesting I read in CricInfo blog –

    ” India’s culture of hero worship, of some players being bigger than the team, of not being able to contemplate dropping certain players ought to have seemed alien to Chappell.

    Australia has been ruthless about this. The selectors have time and again proved that they are unafraid to drop anyone who isn’t performing. Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh, Glenn McGrath, Matthew Hayden: they have all been shown that a place in the side needs to be deserved. They have all realized that. There are no holy cows in Australian cricket. There is also phenomenal bench strength. (One is connected to the other.) Perhaps that could be one of the reasons why it is the best cricket side of modern times.

  8. Ok if his performance is below par for 2-3 years why are the chapells saying it now.I think its their clever ability to manipulate the media to hide the fact that chapell is a bad coach. Have you ever heard of a case where a whole class failed their exams and teacher comes end of year saying his students don’t listen to him? Will you fire the students or the class? Greg is not just a bad coach but a poor loser who wont take up responsibility for his failure.It doesn’t take 3-4 years to realise you are in a alien culture and the selections don’t satisfy you.It would take one series to realise that.Why was he sticking around if our players are so bad, the dollars? Again it makes a bad case for him.

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