News in brief: Saturday 7 April 2007


One response to “News in brief: Saturday 7 April 2007

  1. It was wrong for Sachin – the great and Yuvarj ( a Bachha in my view) to air their views public. They should be reprimanded.

    Some folks like Ganguly, Harbhajan, Sehwag have the same attitude, that a place in the team is their birth right – ( if they were to belong to OBC, that would be acceptable in India 🙂 )

    Some snippets from Greg’s interview, I like.

    What went wrong with the seniors?

    I don’t want to get into senior-junior issue again. Look, as a player, you have to keep challenging yourself. When that stops, it’s time to do a quick reality check and take a few hard decisions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite happen that way in many countries. So, in Australia we now have a system in place which will reject you the moment you slip below the mark.

    Would you put it down to bad attitude?

    Bad attitude is like bad habit, hard to get rid of. Greg Blewett started off with two successive Test centuries, Matthew Eliott had more talent than Matthew Hayden or Justin Langer and Stuart MacGill should have played more often for Australia. If they didn’t it’s because they failed to fit into the team fabric. They were rejected by the system.

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