ODI team for Bangladesh – Ranji ODI stats giving some pointers?

As we have already started speculating about the ODI team to Bangladesh I just pulled up some stats from the Ranji ODI competition. This is the stats according to most runs scored for the top 10 batsmen.

Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Team

W Jaffer 7 7 1 394 170* 65.66 84.18 2 1 2 – BOM
K Goel 7 6 1 369 111 73.80 74.69 1 3 3 – PNJB
BM Rowland 7 7 2 341 102* 68.20 87.66 2 1 2 – KNTKA
M Kaif 6 6 1 340 151* 68.00 88.77 2 1 3 – UP
SA Asnodkar 5 5 1 325 104 81.25 72.06 1 3 1 – GOA
D Mongia 7 6 1 299 97 59.80 81.91 – 3 4 – PNJB
G Gambhir 6 5 0 296 116 59.20 87.05 2 – 2 – DELHI
RG Sharma 7 7 0 296 102 42.28 82.91 1 1 5 – RAJ
AS Jain 6 6 1 286 95 57.20 69.24 – 2 – – RAJ
S Badrinath 7 7 2 278 120 55.60 87.69 1 1 4 – TN

From the above I really want to see Jaffer in the team. I think Mogia also should come in. Rohit Sharma does not seem to have scored in this competition, but he has done a lot this year apparently and he can bowl usefully.. I think Kaif may also get a call again. Though Tewary is not in the above list, he has done more than enough this year. The no 2 on the list Karan Goel is very young and is only 20.

Jaffer, Uthappa, Tewary, Dravid, Yuvraj, Mongia, Dhoni/Karthik, Powar, Munaf, Zaheer, Sreesanth, with Ranadeb Bose and Gambhir completing the 14. What say?

– Sanjay

3 responses to “ODI team for Bangladesh – Ranji ODI stats giving some pointers?

  1. Jaffer played one great innings of 170 and that might have got his strike rate up. But I am not fully convinced that he is a boundry hitter up front. Of course we can argue that he has not been enough chances yet. But still in my book he lacks the flamboyance of a one-day opener.

    Also, as per recent news, the selectors apparently have’nt given the boot for the seniors for the Bangladesh tour. So Tendulkar and Ganguly are still in the reckoning!!

    Between Dhoni and Karthik I will go for Karthik. Dhoni needs to do his penance. He needs to work on his shot selection.

  2. I would seriously consider Venugopala Rao to play a part. I happened to watch him captain one of the “India” sides in the challenger trophy and was personally very impressed by his captaincy. He reminded me a lot of Dravid especially in his earlier days. He seems like a very intelligent, hassle-free chap and in reasonable form.
    I also think Piyush Chawla should be thrown into the ring. We lack any genuine spinners and this fellow can turn the ball even though he may be raw…

  3. Clearly, statistics – run average, number of wickets – should be used for team selection.

    But we all know that “All runs are not made equal”.

    Two examples.

    If we look at the WC 2007, one might think Ganguly had a good run. But reports are in, that he was playing for his own score and not for the team.

    Agarkar scored a century against England at Lords, when the match had no consequence – a tame draw. But Dinesh Kaarthick scored 93 against Pakistan at Calcutta. But most fans would know which was a more valuable innings for India.

    So, I hope the selectors also see the player, the quality of the innings, quality of the opposition, before a player is selected.

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