News in brief: Tuesday 17 April 2007

  • Australia beat SL by seven wickets. SL decided to rest Murali and Vaas, while Malinga didn’t play owing to injury.
  • In the domestic Twenty20, Sachin blitzed a 32 ball 68 with 10 fours and 2 sixes, but that wasn’t enough to prevent Mumbai from loosing to TN. For TN, Anirudha continues to impress, although he missed a fifty again. Ricky (76 of 50 balls) starred in Punjab’s win over Karnataka. In the match between Railways and Gujarat, Khanolkar led the way for Railways with a 33 ball 66 which included 7 fours and 4 sixes.
  • The 2010 Asian games in Guangzhou is also going to include cricket. When are they going it into their heads that games like these aren’t the right place to stage cricket?
  • CAB pitches in for Ganguly before team selection. Sure, and the Gudvancheri cricket club would like to pitch in for their star player Kaathavarayan.
  • Protests and burning effigies in India again. Hold on…I got carried away. For a change they were not effigies of cricket players – just Shilpa Shetty. This shouldn’t classify as cricket news. Sorry!



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