Team for Bangladesh announced

Dilip Vengsarkar and his cohorts have announced the team for the Bangladesh tour. The team carries a few surprises, but I wouldn’t say I am entirely happy with the teams.

ODI team

  1. Gautam Gambhir
  2. Robin Uthappa
  3. Virender Sehwag
  4. Rahul Dravid (capt)
  5. Yuvraj Singh
  6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk)
  7. Manoj Tiwary/Dinesh Mongia/Dinesh Karthik
  8. Piyush Chawla
  9. Sreesanth/RP Singh
  10. Munaf Patel
  11. Zaheer Khan

The things I don’t like about this team are –

  • Inclusion of Chawla in the the ODI team rather than the test team. If you wanted to include a spinner, Powar would have been a better choice.
  • I think an allrounder like Joginder Sharma would have been a better choice than RP Singh.

Test team

  1. Wasim Jaffer
  2. Dinesh Karthik
  3. Rahul Dravid (capt)
  4. VVS Laxman
  5. Sachin Tendulkar
  6. Sourav Ganguly
  7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk)/Yuvraj Singh
  8. Anil Kumble.
  9. Sreesanth/VRV Singh
  10. Zaheer Khan
  11. Ramesh Powar/Rajesh Pawar/Munaf Patel

Things I don’t like about this team –

  • They have taken only one regular opener. Does this mean that Karthik is going to open the innings with Jaffer? Very likely. So, does Dhoni play in the team? Not sure. If Dhoni does play, then either Yuvraj or Ganguly will have to sit out. Unless Yuvraj puts his hands up to open the innings.
  • Why is Rajesh Pawar in the team? The only reason I can think of is to help them practice in the nets (Bangladesh have a whole heap of left arm orthodox bowlers). I don’t see him playing ahead of Ramesh Powar. Or is he?
  • What does Bose need to do to get into the team? VRV Singh hasn’t done anything of significance.

So, Is there anything I like about the teams? The answer is yes. Firstly, the selectors had the chutzpah to drop (the official word is “rest”) Sachin from the ODI squad. Although, I do not really agree with the move, the message it sends to everyone is quite strong – no matter how big you are, we may still drop you. The second thing I like is that they have not made knee jerk wholesale changes. I don’t think we could have afforded that…



8 responses to “Team for Bangladesh announced

  1. Where are the youngsters. The Test Team is pathetic with the likes of Tendulkar, Ganguly, Laxman and Kumble who are well past their best. The ODI Selection is only marginally better but there is only one new face – Manoj Tewari. On what basis has Sehwag retained his ODI spot. And Zaheer Khan should never ne in the Test Side.

    The Selection process is an absolute nightmare with the Selectors not wanting to try youngsters. Such a Disgrace. God Save Indian Cricket.

  2. I do not understand the teams selected – a total mishmash masala. I am sure the regional politiking is also here. I expected much better

    Bangladesh tour would have been a good chance to groom some youngsters – Badrinath, Rohit Sharma, Venugopal Rao, ….

    Ganguly, Anil Kumble should retire gracefully like Lara.

  3. i totally disagree with the opinion of many indian cricket fans that sachin and saurav are well past their best.. in fact its really dissapointing to see their exclusion from the one day squad … both sachin and saurav have been playing consistently well for the last so many years and they’re still doing it… its sad to see the country’s heroes being treated in such a manner… i think they still have a lot of talent and batting left in them and they’re both far from retirement… the point is these two batsmen know where they stand and we are noone to tell them wen to retire and wn to do wat… i think they’re good enough to know wat they’re supposed to do and wen…. plz guys lets jus leave our sporting icons free and let them do wat the’re best at… batting… 🙂

  4. There is a nice interview of Sanjay Manjrekar on Cricinfo, in which talks about the “typical indian way & typical selection”.

    Why were “Sachin and Sourav” rested ? and Why were “Ajit Agarkar, Harbhajan, Irfan Pathan” dropped ? Were they were rested, because of “Sachin and Sourav” hero worship in India.

    Virender Sehwag was a better test match player and not as good in one-day matches.

  5. Mahesh
    I agree. The exclusion of Ranadeb Bose and Joginder Sharma is very disappointing.

    Apparently, the selectors know something about these two proven and experienced performers that we do not know.

    It looks like the selectors are mainly thinking about the England tour and have selected 21 players across both forms of the game.

    Their approach is – ‘youth’ for the ODIs and ‘experience for the Tests. The idea is probably right but the outcome is very much questionable.

    In my opinion, Sehwag should have been left out of the ODI squad but retained for the Test quad. He needs more time in the middle and his new role is middle-order for Tests. Besides his not-so-bad spinners will be a bonus in England.

    In case of Dhoni, it should have been the reverse. I have all along maintained that he still needs to work on his shot selection.

    I welcome the ‘resting’ of Sachin and Ganguly for Bangladesh. This will be a low profile series and an ideal testing ground for new talents and they will not be missed.

    As for RP Singh, VRV Singh, Dinesh Mongia and Rajesh Pawar – they are there to help out at the nets and take turns carrying drinks!


  6. I hope Dinesh Mongia, VRV Singh get chances in the Bangladesh series – and not become water carrier boys and not like Dinesh Karthick in WC.

    I think VRV Singh is real talent. Dinesh Mongia should be given one last chance for his persistence.

    Ganguly – who has only self interest and not team interest as portrayed in Cricinfo – could bring water.

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  8. The media is trying to create an issue unnecessarily with the dropping or resting of Sachin Tendulkar for the Bangladesh tour.

    It is quite apparent that the right time to try new faces is this tour to Bangladesh.
    And when the selectors are themselves at pain explaining that Sachin has been rested, why is the media trying to force down our throat that Sachin has been “dropped” ??

    They are unnecessarily creating pressure on Sachin.

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