News in brief: 23 April 2007

Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Srinivas Venkatraghavan are part of the committee set up by the BCCI to appoint the next coach. People are still taking Gavaskar seriously. Amazing!!

Another ‘amazing’ news from the BCCI is that they are going to persist with the zonal selection approach thereby guaranteeing that Indian cricket will not progress. Thank you BCCI for this forward looking approach!

New Zealand takes on Sri Lanka in Jamaica where the bounce may help New Zealand more while South Africa meets Australia in the semi finals where history seems to favours the Aussies

Jacques Kallis and Matthew Hayden have started a war of words ahead of the World Cup semifinals. Now why is’nt anyone surprised?

According to Jamican Police snake venom may have killed Woolmer


4 responses to “News in brief: 23 April 2007

  1. Some people even take Kapil Dev seriously. So there is nothing wrong in taking Gavaskar seriously. Far superior compared to many cricketers in the world.

  2. sampath kumar

    Ravi Shastri is very clever–by being on the selection committee, he has effectively ruled himself out of the coveted job. Or chickened out!

    It is now clear, that the new coach would be a non-muslim, non-foreigner and in all likelihood a member of BJP or a grandson of a freedom fighter!

  3. Krish, there is nothing wrong with taking anyone seriously. I for instance take my 18 month old very seriously even though what he comes up with often defies logic. That is my choice.

    But Sunil Gavaskar is a totally different, being a public personality he has been there and done it for India and there is no question that he was the best going around in his hey days. But over the last few years (starting from India’s last tour of Australia) he has been a joke in the commentry box – often waffling about and never succint or insightful.

    His rambling on David Hookes and his latest salvo on Greg Chappell is unbecoming of a respected Indian great. We need constructive criticism and solutions not empty rhetoric.

  4. Gavaskar was apparently opposed to the choice of Chappell as coach. I don’t think he has anything against an Aussie coach – hes possibly one of the finest cricket minds in India right now as is Kapil Dev.

    These people have better insight than you and me….

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