News in brief: 26 April 2007

It is a repeat of 1996 as Australia pulverise South Africa to meet Sri Lanka in the finals. The South Africans admitted that they were outclassed by the Aussies.

Osman Samiuddin examines the coaching question faced by most teams following their World Cup campaigns. Talking of coaches, Venkatesh Prasad, India’s bowling coach for the Bangladesh tour is excited about the prospect of his debut tour as a coach for the national side. Generally, we have observed that successful coaches including Whatmore, Buchannan and Moody had modest records as players. The corollary appears true too if you consider Chappell, Richards and Miandad. Based on this trend, we can expect a reasonable outcome from Prasad’s tenure for his record is neither ordinary nor extraordinary like his bowling skills.

According to PTI reports, Tom Moody is unlikely to be India’s coach

If reports are to be believed, Inzamam may be dropped from Test squad for Pakistan’s home series against South Africa. If it happens, nobody including Inzamam will be surprised or shocked.

‘Tendulkar playing for wrong reasons’ says Ian ‘calling-spade-a-spade’ Chappell without clearly specifying what those reasons are. By contrast, Viv Richards has come to Tendulkar’s supportearlier this week

– Vish

3 responses to “News in brief: 26 April 2007

  1. My understanding of Ian’s comment – which is a bit strong, but it is true .

    “Great players should retire when they are still good and adored; and that will make sure all the fans remember the best of that great player and NOT remember all the struggles towards the end of the career” .

    That is a very valid point except India – Why would a player want to retire from cricket leaving so much endorsement money on the table ?

    Viv is also mildly suggesting that Sachin could rest from one-day matches and concentrate more on tests. As a player gets older, there are injuries, …

  2. There is a very good one-day team selected by some great cricketers.

    I am puzzled by the selection of Andrew Symonds. Is he really in that stratosphere ? McGrath, Dennis Lillee, Curtly Ambrose do not have a place ?

    Viv Richards
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Adam Gilchrist

    Imran Khan
    Wasim Akram
    Richard Hadlee
    Joel Garner
    Shane Warne

  3. I agree with the notion that a ordinary cricketer will be a better coach – who had limited success in the international arena. This follows from other fields also, like many good teachers are people who could not have lasting success in their choosen fields and they choose to use energy in the direction of making other people better. Also they can deal with people better especially that are not so recognized yet maybe becuase they have been there before and not always on the side of glory and ego.
    Also I think there should be very good relationship between coah and captain. They should compliment each other.
    Lot have been said about senior players and coach but I think the big failure has been the Captain who is the strongest link between all that is happening in the field and out of the field. Dravid is a good person but I am not sure whether his decisions were right and in most places whether his towing the generic line was helpful or not. I think in one day match(s) a single player can make a difference (Collingwood, Hayden, Mahela) and if you as a Captain are not able to identify these players and inject into the team at right matches then I do not think you deserve to be Captain. I do not think Captain needs to be unnecessary agreasiive but he should have some gut feeling of positive things around and should be in control. with Dravid I have never had that feeling. I am sure he will mature and prove me wrong but I will not give him too many chnaces and wait for the start of the next world cup to replace him. If he would have picked rising players like Dinesh Karthick etc instead of players going down then and who knows it would have been a different world cup as we know a single man can pull the team in crunch situations and lift the momenten and morale. There was too much dark enrgy sround indian tema this time around and I am not sure if it is the job of a coach alone.

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