Give them some squash balls!

If this report  is to believed batsmen all over the world will soon be queuing up to get squash balls into their batting gloves. Who does not want to score more sixes and fours!


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7 responses to “Give them some squash balls!

  1. When Viv Richards was using the heavy bat, and hitting fours and sixes, many other batsmen tried to emulate it.

    Those using the heavy bat could not handle the yorker.

    Sachin found out, heavy bat puts a lot of back strain.

  2. And your point is?

  3. Elementary my dear Watson! Squash balls in gloves are not enough to score fours and sixes! You still need a good technique, good eye etc etc and be an Adam Gilchrist to score that many fours and sixes. I think the report failed to mention that.

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