The positives from yesterday’s win

It was a jittery win. Bruce Yardley commentating in the match said at the start of the 34th over “India have played badly for 80 overs but they can still win it in the last 14” and that is exactly what happened. What are the positives that we can take from the game yesterday?

1. Dinesh Karthik – Firstly I am happy that Dravid did not thrust him with too much responsibility by promoting him up the order. Karthik played very calmly and upped the tempo just when necessary. There was a tendency to play across the line against the left armers, the pitch was so slow that he manged it very well. He did not panic at any stage and got India home easily in the end.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – He is special and only proved it again yesterday. He may have chosen the wrong time in the Word Cup to fail but yesterday, hampered by cramps, after being promoted to no 3, came with a match winning performance. Again to quote Bruce Yardley when Dravid’s wicket had just fallen, “If India has to win from here Dhoni is the one they have to look to play the match winning knock.”

3. Dinesh Mongia – His bowling is invaluable in sub continental wickets. He showed it again yesterday by picking up wickets and adding that extra. If he can consistently bowl 6/7 overs in a game, something that the more inconsistent likes of Sachin, Sehwag and Yuvraj were doing, it will add tremendous depth to the team. He was the guy who should have gone in place of Pathan but that is another story. I was also happy that Dravid did not promote him to no 3 yesterday.

– Sanjay


3 responses to “The positives from yesterday’s win

  1. Good points Sanjay. This was a tentative step in a tentative direction. I am unhappy with the choice of Gambhir. I believe Uthappa should play. But the team appears somewhat obsessed with this left-hand-right-hand crap — hence Gambhir. That comes with blindly following a principle — pragmatics gets junked in the process.

    Dravid won’t give up on Sehwag. So, Sehwag will continue to play.

    I agree that Mongia gives the team much more balance.

  2. Agreed…but if Mongia doesn’t come up with goods in the batting department in the next 2 games, I reckon it is “Goodbye, Mongia”

    Also wonder why Yuvi wasn’t given a bowl.

  3. Gambhir, Yuvraj and Mongia are the three that have to combat the left arm spin trio of Bangladesh. So it is a strategic choice to play Gambhir ahead of Uthappa. At the rate at which Sehwag is playing, Mongia’s overs will be more valuable than Sehwag and Uthappa may come in for Sehwag. As for Yuvraj bowling, Dravid seems to have something against this. Either Yuvraj is still nursing an injury or something, because Yuvi did not bowl against SL in the world cup and Cricinfo talks about Yuvi running with a “dodgy knee”. If Yuvi is nursing a dodgy knee then Gambhir could have run yesterday.

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