Team for second India v Bangladesh ODI: 12 May 2007

Team India fans would like the team to adopt a different approach to the one that was adopted in the First ODI against Bangladesh. I feel that this won’t happen with Shastri and Dravid at the helm. The order is going to be more dour and dull than flash and flamboyance. However, I do believe that a statement ought to be made. One has to leave behind an impression. I agree with Mahesh on that count.

With that in mind, I’d like to see a change or two for the second ODI. I think Uthappa has to play (instead of Gambhir). I’d like to see Dravid come in at #3. He is the best #3 in the team and has to play there. Depends on the nature and extent of his injury, R.P.Singh could get a game instead of Sreesanth.

However, in the main, the intent should be to play attractive cricket and win.

— Mohan

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