A much improved performance

India didn’t blitz the opposition, but it was a much improved performance in the 2nd ODI between India and Bangladesh. India took plenty of positives from the game:

  • Gambhir, scored his second one day ton. Although it is a good thing, it certainly raises a few uncomfortable questions for  Dravid – Does he drop Sehwag (whom he has been supporting and wants desperately to succeed) and bring in Uthappa for the 3rd ODI? Does he rest Gambhir and bring in Uthappa? Or does Uthappa open the innings with Gambhir, while Sehwag comes lower down the order in place of Mongia? If Mongia ends up making way for Sehwag, we may be a part-time bowler short. What do we do about this?
  • Piyush Chawla, made an excellent One Day debut. It is always tougher for spinners in one day cricket – particularly when you are young and haven’t played enough matches. I hold the  belief that Chawla has the potential to be a great “test” bowler and we should protect him by not playing him in ODIs, at least for the next couple of years.  He, however took 3 for 37 and made his mark on the game.
  • Improved bowling: The overall performance of the bowlers was much improved compared to the first game. Dravid wouldn’t necessarily be worried about the big hitting tactics employed by the Bangladeshis – it provides plenty of opportunity to take wickets.

The things that will be a worry for the Indians are:

  • Batting of Sehwag: Sehwag has just one more chance (or does he?) to come good or he his going to miss the England tour. We could argue and counter argue endlessly about the merits of having Sehwag in the team, but the bottom line is – One more failure and he is out!
  • Batting of Dinesh Mongia: Mongia may be a useful part time ODI bowler (in spite of conceding 26 runs in one over), but his real role in the team is as a batsman. Dravid will have to play him up the order in the last game (may be No.4) and hope he comes good.
  • Fitness: I understand that the heat is a big factor, but with younger players like Sreesanth, Dhoni and Gambhir suffering from cramps, it raises big questions on their fitness levels.



2 responses to “A much improved performance

  1. In my view, Sehwag is not a good one-day batsman. mohankaus can correct me 🙂

    Sehwag if he were to play his usual test match batting – which is atleast one big-hit per over – he would do well. In a one-day match, Sehwag throws the kitchen sink – 4 or 5 boundaries per over and thus he takes too much risk and gets out.

    Steve Waugh also remarked that Gilchrist was also going for too much run rate and thus gets out for a quick 40 odd runs in 40 balls or less. Steve Waugh felt that Adam Gilchrist was a very good batsman, if he were to pace his innings, could play for more bigger innings – which he did against SL.

    Sehwag should be in the test side for England. I think he can be dropped for one-day matches and bring in some new/young talent.

  2. agree with you on the need for sehwag to play the same way in a one-day as he does in a test because he’ll get a rub a ball anyway. i also think he should go to the middle order. more explanation here… What to do with Sehwag

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