Team for first test

This is one team that is not going to have too many speculations and surprises. The openers (Dinesh Karthik and Wasim Jaffar) basically walk into the team, followed by the big 4 (Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman and Ganguly). Dhoni takes up the WK slot and that leaves room for either 2 quicks and 2 spinners or 3 quicks and 1 spinner. Zaheer and Munaf are sure bets and so is Kumble. The one remaining spot will be fought between RP Singh, VRV Singh, Powar and Pawar. If the subcontinent pitches are anything to go by, a spinner will be preferred over a seamer – and it may be Ramesh Powar, the offspinner making his test debut for India.

So, here is the team in batting order:

  1. Karthik
  2. Jaffar
  3. Dravid
  4. Laxman
  5. Tendulkar
  6. Ganguly
  7. Dhoni (wk)
  8. Powar
  9. Kumble
  10. Zaheer
  11. Munaf

The only possible change could be Yuvraj coming in place of one of the keepers.



8 responses to “Team for first test

  1. I still do not agree. Will 4 overs be able able to bowl 90 overs a day in such punishing conditions? Which part-timers can be used? Even Sehwag is not in the squad.

    Will Dravid go for 5 bowlers? if yes, then which player will be left out?

    There still is much speculation!

  2. Interesting point about needing 5 bowlers to play in the hot and humid conditions.

    I don’t see team management moving away from the 4 bowler concept though. I would expect Saurav and Sachin to share the bowling load. Having Yuvraj in the team would also help a great deal…

  3. Are two wicketkeepers needed? Then again is it fair to ask Karthik to open the batting after ‘keeping?

  4. And why not open the bowling with Zaheer and Ganguly? If the team can open the batting with a makeshift, surely we can sacrifice the bowling-opening too, thereby providing an opportunity to play 3 spinners! 🙂

    So, an alternate team could be
    Karthik, Jaffer, Dravid, Tendulkar, VVSL, Ganguly, Yuvraj, Powar, Zaheer, Kumble, Pawar

  5. The team I have penned down is not the team I would prefer, but the most likely team to play.

    Although opening with a wicket keeper (Karthik) does provide us with additional batting depth, we pretty much negate this advantage by playing 2 wicket keepers. I don’t think team management will drop Dhoni after his performance in the one dayers.

    Yuvraj has opened the innings for India before – wonder why his name hasn’t surfaced as a possible candidate.

  6. If Ganguly is going to open the bowling, I would be tempted to dust off my pads and try it out in the middle 🙂

    We are back to the days when Abid Ali and Eknath Solkar were opening the bowling for India and BS Chandrasekar with his fastish leg spin would start the 8th over and Bedi at the other end.

  7. My preference would be Dravid open with Jaffar andYuvraj in place of Karthik.

  8. I take back my opening line – “This is one team that is not going to have too many speculations and surprises. ” 🙂

    It has been the exact opposite…

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