Sportstar’s India Bangladesh ODI series wrap up

The Sportstar in its cover story on MS Dhoni, says that the poster boy has come of age. This is what S. Dinakar has to say on Dhoni –

M. S. Dhoni’s ability is immense. He can generate extreme power with his wristwork and bat speed, dumping good deliveries into the stands. He now seeks to use his aggression judiciously, improve stroke-selection. He no longer wants to be ruled by impulse

On the 1st ODI, Vijay Lokapally writes that it’s a Dhoni-Karthik show

The win was certainly not a revenge for the World Cup embarrassment at the hands of Bangladesh. It was just the start the Indian team had pledged its skipper, heralding a new season that has challenges ahead in England, Australia and Pakistan

On the 2nd ODI, he is all praise for Gambhir

When a batsman puts a price on his wicket the contest intensifies, and it was a determined Gautam Gambhir that one saw at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium



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