Injury a worry

What is happening to the Indian fast bowlers? Sreesanth has gone back home injured and Munaf is due to join him. Munaf’s condition is especially worrying given the frequency of his break down. I am not sure of the seriousness of his injury yet, but surely this should put a serious question mark on his inclusion in the England tour.

Unlike the Bangladesh tour, where we could have even done away with just one fast bowler (Zaheer Khan partnering with Ganguly! – Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, but not entirely unthinkable), the England tour will need 3 genuine fast bowlers in the playing eleven. Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth should be expected to fill the first two spots, and with Munaf out of the way, the 3rd spot should go to a good swing bowler. It is a pity Irfan Pathan is not in the radar any more. Being a decent bat, he would have been the ideal candidate.

All eyes will be on RP and VRV Singh in this match, and possibly Ishant in the next. But the pitches being unfavourable to fast bowlers, they may just not be able to show what they are capable of. This series is probably going to raise more questions than it answers…



2 responses to “Injury a worry

  1. This shows how crucial Pathan’s role is in the scheme of things. With conditions likely to help his style of bowling in England, the BCCI should have tried to get some help from the likes of Wasim Akram or John Reid. Perhaps it is a bit late now.

  2. Why late? We’re going to England after the end of June. Much can be achieved in 40 days if one wants it!

    The only question is that BCCI does not want it. Or thats the way it is. It never helps anyone.

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