Munaf injured – to go back home

Munaf Patel has been declared injured and is to go back home. The Delhi medium pacer Ishant Sharma has been asked to join the team. This explains why RP Singh is in the XI ahead of Munaf.

– Sanjay


2 responses to “Munaf injured – to go back home

  1. I really cannot understand why the selectors have ignored Ranadeb Bose again.

    Ishant Sharma compared to Bose has a relatively frail physique and in these tough humid conditions the far more experienced and stroger Bose should have had an edge. It makes me wonder if merit alone is the main criteria for selection.

    – Vish

  2. Apparantly, team- management requested for Ishant specifically. He along with 4 other bowlers was there in the camp with them. Maybe, they could have seen something in him?

    Plus Bose is effective only with swing. I wonder how much the ball was swinging in Bangladesh!

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