Team India for 1st test v Bangladesh, 19 May 2007

I do not believe this Indian team that’s been selected for the 1st Test against Bangladesh! I do not believe that this is the right one at all… Surely!

With Munaf Patel injured, I agree they had no choice but to go in with 5 bowlers. With a “fit and searching” Munaf Patel, questions may have been asked of the Bangladeshi players. However, the moment he was injured, the team was perhaps right in opting for a 5-bowler strategy — especially given the hot and humid conditions that the team will, no doubt, face in this Test match. Given the personnel that the team had to chose from, the choice of Zaheer Khan, RP Singh, VRV Singh, Anil Kumble and R. Powar was perhaps right.

What I cannot, however, fathom is the batting. It just lacks depth. And the presence of two wicketkeepers in the team — especially given the five-bowler scenario — is befuddling, to say the least!

Given the hands-tied-behind-back scenario the team had opted for by going in with only one specialist opener, I’d have taken Karthik as opener and ‘keeper and gone in with an additional batsman — either Yuvraj Singh or VVS. Laxman. Currently, this batting lacks depth.

I predict that this will put Tendulkar and Ganguly into 1st gear mode especially if 2-3 wickets wickets fall early (a la the 3rd Test against South Africa).

Expect the worst guys!

— Mohan


6 responses to “Team India for 1st test v Bangladesh, 19 May 2007

  1. Mohan – Why do you think that the the bowling combination is right? Surely, Rajesh Pawar would have been a better choice ahead of one of the fast bowlers…I am also not convinced with the 5 bowler strategy.

  2. Mohan – Your prediction of Tendulkar and Ganguly going in 1st gear mode at the fall of 2-3 wickets couldn’t be more right…At the time of writing this comment, they have been scoring at 3 an over giving far too much respect to the bowlers on a flat pitch.

    At least I am happy they haven’t gone into reverse gear :).

    Something tells me Ganguly is about to take charge, though.

  3. Mahesh, Given the state of the weather conditions it is harder for the faster bowlers. So they are the ones who need backup. That is why the third spinner was not played. Good first day so far.

  4. Guys, the forecast for the week is rain everyday. The cloud cover with the humid weather must have prompted Dravid and Shastri to go in for the third seamer. Besides, the Bangladeshis could be a little more suspect to pace rather than left arm spin they are very much familiar with. The choice of three seamers with two spinners plus Tendulkar’s googlies in my opinion is a wise one.

    Also, I don’t agree that this will compromise the batting. I am confident that the Bangladesh bowling attack though much improved, is still not good enough to take 20 Indian wickets on this flat track.

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  6. hey there. Thanks for the info :). It was rather nice reading this at this late hour. i wud bump here later. t/c

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