The ‘other’ opener

Who should be the ‘other’ opener to partner Jaffer? Karthik, was specifically chosen for the job because the selectors feel he is the best around. The only other guy who could have made it was Gambhir. Given that Karthik was slotted as an opener, he did come out and score a good fifty to give India some respectability after the fall of Jaffer. But the question is about depth in the batting. We dropped Yuvraj and Laxman and chose Dhoni. Now that is raising a lot of eyebrows. Why two wicketkeepers? Firstly Karthik is not in the wicketkeeping scheme of things at the moment. The conditions do not allow a wk to keep and open the batting. If Laxman or Yuvraj play instead of Dhoni/Karthik then who opens? Dravid should not open. All one drop players in the world should be ready to come in if a wicket falls even on the first ball. But they need not and should not open. Sachin and Sourav are not in the opening scheme of things. Yuvraj is not even in any kind of test form to be asked to open. And Laxman hates that job. So what can be done???

– Sanjay


4 responses to “The ‘other’ opener

  1. It is sad that VVS was dropped. A great player of fast bowling and spin.

    If India had to go with 5 bowlers, then someone has to sit.

    Why not drop Jaffer and Ganguly and Karthik open the innings ? This way, the middle order is Rahul Dravid, Sachin and VVS.

  2. Karthik has clearly vindicated the faith shown by the selectors in his ability.

    With the arrival of Dhoni, most people had written him off – To Karthik’s credit he created opportunities for himself and found his way back into the team. Another half century in this series, and he is going to find a spot in the squad for the England tour – that too as an opener. If that it indeed happens, it remains to be seen how he handles the new ball in England – if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere (almost)…

  3. Karthik has been playing on razor thin margin.

    Some selectors are waiting to drop him. Ajit Wadekar questioned Karthik’s selection. But Kartick has scored at every opportunity.

    a 60+ against SA – Ntini and Pollack “at South Africa” .

    I do not why some folks think Yuvraj is a better batsman than Karthik ?

    VVS is a class player and VVS is a better player than Karthik and VVS is also a better player than Ganguly.

  4. Sanjay

    Apparently, the Bangladeshi paper ( says that the Bangladeshi ‘keeper Khaled Masud joked with the ground staff that with the current pitch, there is no need of a wicketkeeper as the ball won’t reach the ‘keeper. But India decided to go with two ‘keepers 🙂

    Jokes aside, I do agree with your point. Given the conditions, performing the dual role of keeper/opener is probably asking for too much.


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