Is Dhoni overrated?

Mohan raised an interesting point about Dhoni not having done anything special in tests. Quickly looking at the stats, it indeed seems to be the case. His match saving 148 against Pakistan when India were 5-281 facing a mammoth 588 was truly a remarkable innings. He has had only 2 scores over 50 in the 18 innings since and I believe he is not been playing to his full potential. Dropping Laxman for the 1st test must have surely sent strong signals to everyone else in the team and with Karthik breathing down Dhoni’s neck, I hope he does lift his game… 




4 responses to “Is Dhoni overrated?

  1. Hes not overrated at all. People tend to forget that he is first and foremost a wicketkeeper.

    In ODI cricket since his debut, he has outperformed every other Indian batsman, and there are less than 5 batsmen in world cricket who have outperformed him in this period.

    In Test Cricket he has shown the ability to make a century and make Test match fifties, beyond reasonable doubt.

    He is the finest batsman-wicketkeeper India have had since Budhi Kunderan and Farokh Engineer – the irony is that Dinesh Karthik is probably at least as good.

    There should be no question about his place in the squad. If hes fit and available, India should pick him – because he is a matchwinner with the bat.

  2. The measuring stick for Wicket keepers has changed in the last decade or so. While in the past we used to be content with a wicket keeper who could just hang around (Kirmani or Mongia), we now look for one who can bat extremely well. As an example, Kirmani had just 2 centuries and 12 half century in 124 innings. Dhoni in just 24 outings has 1 century and 3 half centures. Yet we expect more.

    His performance in ODIs without doubt has been exceptional and I see no reason why he can’t mirror that performance in test arena. Like I said he has the potential, but hasn’t quite lived up to it yet.

    Lets hope he starts turning things around in 2007.

  3. Also, Dhoni’s average is currently hovering around 30 (Kirmani’s was around 27, when he retired – and we think Dhoni is a far superior batsman than him).

    Compare this to the 50 something average of Sangakkara or Gilchrist (around 49) and you will know why people say Dhoni hasn’t performed in tests.

  4. Kirmani was a superb WK. Dhoni or Kaarthick or Parthiv Patel are NOT in the same league as Kirmani.

    Kirmani is an ” old style” Wicket Keeper – Allan Knott, Bob Taylor, Wasim Bari, Rod Marsh, Ian Healy – very good Wicket Keeper, but only a useful bat.

    Gilchrist has had such an impact on the game that has changed that position.

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