Tendulkar and Ganguly squander position

December, 10 2005. That was the last time Tendulkar scored a test ton. Ten test matches and 17 innings later, he managed to score another century – but he just managed to get there. He got out for 101 trying to go for a pull shot to a ball bowled outside the off stump.

Ganguly also got to a hundred before he got out in similar fashion. India have squandered what would have been a wonderful position if both wickets had remained intact. At the time of writing this post, Dhoni was looking good having scored 34 of 29 balls. It remains to be seen if Dhoni and the tail can take the score to 400 and beyond.

Quite disappointed, actually. I was expecting big hundreds from both Saurav and Sachin…



3 responses to “Tendulkar and Ganguly squander position

  1. I think the direction from the dressing room was to get a move on after getting their hundreds. But we should hand it to the Bangladesh bowlers for bowling short on this pitch knowing fully well that pull/hook shots are’nt percentage shots. They knew that the batsmen will go for it.

    I think we are in for a slog fest tomorrow.

    – Vish

  2. This test match is a draw and a chance to score “lame duck” centuries.

    Unless, Bangladesh is bowled out in one day, which is unlikely.

  3. From Ganghadar’s column in the Hindu today!

    Competition for careers

    The search for new identities among cricketers is bound to affect India in the days to come. The competition for careers linked with the game will become so intense that some former cricketers would like to assume new roles.

    I wish they opted for totally different careers like Curtly Ambrose and Riche Richardson. How wonderful it would be to have Krishnamachari Srikkanth play nadaswaram at the Mylapore Kapaleeswar temple? I am certain that Sachin Tendul kar’s tennis elbow would not recur if he took to playing the tabla in classical music concerts. Saurav Ganguly, the Prince of Kolkata, can bring additional sweetness into the lives of his admirers by opening a chain of Bengali sw eet shops. As for V.V.S. Laxman, can we think of a better person to start an ‘Agony Uncle’ column based on the agonies and disappointments of his own career?

    Curtly Ambrose has shown the way, let others follow the same!

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