Daily Archives: 21 May 2007

India declare

As Mohan suggested earlier,  India should have declared at the overnight score of 384.  It makes more sense considering the fact that we lost another day to rain. Instead, they decided to bat on…and after two quick wickets and the addition of 3 runs, declared at 387 for 8!

Not a great move, I guess. They’ve handed the psychological advantage back to Bangladesh.


Whatmore is ready, What more do you want?

Dav Whatmore is quite keen to coach the Indian team and the BCCI is quite keen to hire him too. According to reports, the seven-member committee is to meet on June 4 and the new coach to be named four to five days later.

There are few things working in Whatmore’s favour –

  • His success as a coach with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has been quite good.(Compare this to Greg Chappell, who never had any international experience before he took up the Indian gig. During his tenure as coach for South Australia, there wasn’t any significant change in results for the team)
  • He is seen more of a moderate (in the John Wright mould) and could fit well in the Indian system, where stars are big and egos bigger. Whatmore says he is quite comfortable handling the stars. This is the area where Greg Chappell had the most problems and Whatmore’s man management skills could come in handy
  • As Whatmore has spent a substantial time of his international coaching career in the sub-continent, he probably understands the psyche of the players, the passion of the fans, the hype of the media and the pressure that goes with it all much better than other international coaches
  • His name is the only one doing the rounds!

Dav Whatmore never made it big as a player and in a country like India where star status (Greg had plenty of it, no doubt) is sometimes more important than ability, this could be a problem. With the success of people like Buchanan as coach, this thinking is actually changing and Whatmore’s prior success in the job should also hold him in good stead.

Does Whatmore have all the attributes for a good coach? For India’s sake, I sure hope so…

(One of the things that has been discussed in this blog is that people who never made it big as a player sometimes make better coaches than people who had the natural ability and skill in their chosen sport. The main argument was that people with natural ability didn’t have to try anything different. They never had any shortcomings to overcome or techniques to correct, whereas the others had to learn things the hard way and this helps them when they become coach. Going by this theory and Whatmore’s previous successes, it certainly seems to be the case)