An Opportunity missed!

After having brought Bangladesh down to 149 for 8, India seems to squandered a wonderful opportunity to win this test despite the loss of almost 2 days of play so far. The lack of adequate penetration in bowling (and with the absence of Kumble from the attack), does not give us much hope for a win tomorrow. I will be happy to be proven wrong! The bits and pieces of the day’s play that I witnessed, the bowling was woefully mediocre.  Once again, Tendulkar seems to have been the only one who impressed the most in his short spell after the follow on was avoided. The bowling department, as I have said earlier, requires some serious fixing before the England tour.

Hopefully, Kumble is back tomorrow, and by scoring some quick runs, he is provided with an opportunity to bowl Bangladesh out. A possibility or wishful thinking?

– Srikanth

4 responses to “An Opportunity missed!

  1. Wishful thinking! Because Kumble is unofficially ruled out of this match and the team management is “hoping” that he’ll be fit by the time the next match starts!

    this is our second string bowling. Munaf and Sree would have been the first choice, been fit! And Powar is no replacement for Bhajji, I’m afraid!

  2. … still BD has an (in)famous record of bungling in the second knock!

  3. That bungling only happens when adequate pressure is applied! Not against a garbage bowling attack!

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