Team India XII for the second Test

India has announced its XII for the second Test against Bangladesh.

India’s XII for the Test is:

Wasim Jaffer, Dinesh Karthik, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Mahendra Dhoni, Anil Kumble, Rajesh Pawar, Zaheer Khan, RP Singh, Ishant Sharma, Ramesh Powar

No Yuvraj Singh. No VVS Laxman and no VRV Singh! Clearly, one of Inshant Sharma or Rajesh Pawar will get a game here (unless someone gets injured match-day)!

It is likely that Rajesh Pawar will sit this one out.

— Mohan

32 responses to “Team India XII for the second Test

  1. I can not understand VRV has been dropped after one test and Jaffer is retained – 2 ducks.

    Jaffer has been failure till now in his career, but he has Sachin’s backing. Even though, Rahul Dravid is the captain, Sachin is the guy, after Greg Chappell debacle. Sachin was backing Ajit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan . So, they can not be dropped. Zaheer could sit down or asked to sit down and a youngster could be groomed.

    For a place in the Indian team, you need 2 God Fathers, a national selector and a senior member of the team. TE Srinivasan, was a class player, did not have any backing both locally at TN and also nationally 😦

    Has Sachin taken the ownership of the WC 2007 loss ? Esp. after his innings against SL ? Now, he talks about his partnership with Ganguly against minnows. Shameless ..

    I admired Sachin as a player (note the past tense) – one of the best India produced. But now, Sachin has become very, very political perhaps, worried about all the endorsement $$ at stake, if he was dropped.

    I think WI board has more guts / vision in Roberts & Greenidge. Lara quit or was asked to quit and they gave an ultimatum to Sarwan. They are able to do that even though there is not much talent on the shelf.

    India supposedly has lots of talent – Suresh Raina, … but they are always carrying Pepsi for Zaheer Khan, Ajit Agarkar, Ganguly, who by the way are NOT winning against quality teams.

  2. I can understand why VRV was dropped – to give Ishant a chance.

    And I can understand why Jaffer was not dropped – no one else to open the innings with.

    But I can’t understand your rant about Tendulkar 🙂

    Anyways, it appears that this was just a sight seeing tour for Laxman and he won’t even be carrying Pepsi as there are other juniors (like Pawar) in the team to do that 😉

  3. I’m glad that VRV is dropped. He is just a waste of space. But Jaffer??? And Sachin’s backing? Come on!! Why was Agarkar dropped then, in the first place? Why was Sachin rested from the ODI series???

    I think your mind is too confused!

  4. And Laxman’s omission is a shame!

  5. I vote for gnbmdr as the next India coach!

  6. Srikanth Mangalam

    Even better, I vote for gnbmdr as tamilnadu coach and national selector representing south zone (only includes all districts in tamilnadu).

  7. Hello,

    Thanks folks, I appreciate it your gesture. I can do a better job than Vengsarkar for sure. I am also open pad up in a crunch situation 🙂 if I do not want to face Ambrose, Akhtar or Brett Lee.

  8. blogesh,

    I think I am fair minded.

    If there is a rule, it should apply to all players. If Laxman lost a match for India, he should be dropped. no doubt.

    Then that same rule should be applied to other players – like Sachin. I was shocked when Fernando cleaned him at WC.

  9. gnbmdr:

    What do you have against Fernando? Who do you think should have cleaned up Sachin? 🙂

  10. mohankaus:

    A player in the class of Tendulkar
    a crucial do or die match
    Fernando is a rookie bowler
    Sachin’s wicket was the turning point.

    Even in getting bowled, it is embarrassing to lose the leg stump. Often most batsmen are reasonably sure about off-stump. But if you lose the leg stump, that means you are completely beaten – off the air and off the pitch.

  11. So would you have sacked Gilchrist or merely killed him for getting out (bowled legstump) to Pathan in the Sydney Test? Similar scenario [Do-or-die, experienced class player facing rookie]. And to boot, it was a test match — moreover, a farewell test match for Steve Waugh! Perhaps killing would have been a given and you’ll have had to merely figure out how to perform the act — guillotine, stoning, flogging…

  12. And why do you think that the rule didn’t apply to Sachin ? wasn’t he dropped for the next ODI series (WC being of ODIs only) and we don’t even know if he’ll be picked again in ODIs!!

  13. Tony Greig talks about how Mike Holding sent the leg stump of Geoff Boycott cartwheeling in the first over. Geoff Boycott, technically perfect batsman.

    It happens to the best of batsmen. As I mentioned, I was not happy with all the “politiking”.

    factions within the team to undermine the captain

    forcing out Greg Chappell

    wants more say in the selection of the next coach.

    now, he is happy after a century and patnership with Ganguly against Bangladesh.

    All talk and no action (when it counts/matters) in my view.

    Recall that Jason Gillespie scored a double century in a test match and in the heat.

  14. And also recall the pathetic performance of Australia in the first test when they came periliously close to losding the test to Bangladesh.

  15. So if Geoff Boycott, a technically perfect batsman, is ok to have his legstump ‘cartwheeled off’, surely a lesser mortal like Sachin Tendulkar would be ok right? And if it can “happen to the best of batsmen” and if these “best batsmen” can be “pardoned”, why can’t you pardon Sachin? Is it just because of a whim that you have?

    And please show evidence of Sachin Tendulkar being behind “politicking” and “factionalism” in the team. If you can’t produce tangible evidence and facts, I suggest that you please lay of his case. As far as I could see, the only one who indulged in “politicking” (through SMS messages and “leaked reports”) was Greg Chappell. There is evidence to suggest that.

    I must say your logic (or absence of it) is starting to defy all known laws.

    Has rationale, logic and fact ever stood between you and a point you wish to make? 🙂

  16. Srikanth Mangalam

    Mohan, you want evidence!!Pray, why??

    Anyways if you are absolutely desperate,

    Evidence = TE Srinivasan, VV Kumar, WV Raman, S. Venkataraghavan, Visaka Hari, TM Krishna, CP Ramaswamy Iyer, Muthuswamy Dikshitar all said so…

  17. Come on, Srikanth Mangalam –

    That is a bit below the belt on some of the names to check for evidence 🙂 Not fair.

    mohankaus has been fair and I enjoy a good argument/debate.

    Evidence on Sachin –

    Sachin’s recent batting performance has been poor (except against minnows – Bangladesh, Bermuda, West Indies).

    Sachin does not deliver when it counts the most and he does not win matches for India.

    – Greg Chappell’s report on WC 2007, and Sanjay Jagdale’s report which were leaked to the media in parts.

    Sachin as a crybaby openly vented in an interview – that he was not even in talking terms with Greg Chappell. BCCI sent a notice to Sachin and Yuvraj.

    Sharad Pawar BCCI President said openly some players have $$ incentives tied to playing time for India.

  18. Srikanth Mangalam


    I was above the belt only, I only meant that prominent citizens of tamilnadu (past and present) have said so.

    Anyway, what you have presented is called “opinion” and not “evidence”. I could argue that Sachin’s batting in the recent past has been no different from any other Indian bat, it absolutely not true that Sachin has not won games for India (he may not have finished games as often but has played many a vital knocks and taken many crucial wickets in conjuring up victories). Greg Chappell’s report has as much credibility as the Toronto Sun or any tabloid of your choice (at least in my books). Sharad Pawar is a politician for heaven’s sake; he will make statements and retract them at the speed of light, who cares!!!!!

  19. gnbmdr, when you quote a politician’s comments for evidence, it is clear that either (a) you are more slimy than the quoted one, or (b) you are so desperate that even you know you are on slippery ground.

    As for Sachin being a cry baby… Hmmm! Coming from a man who has just “cry babied” to Srikanth Mangalam for a shot below the belt, calling Sachin a cry baby is a bit rich!

    Your credibility is basically shot.

    But let me not shoot the messenger. Let’s get stuck into the message — however pathetic it may be!

    First, I did not ask for evidence on Sachin’s batting”. His batting record is there for everyone to see. Indeed, his record stacks up as well as anyone. Wait for a detailed piece on this tomorrow. Basically, when it comes to comparative analysis, I know that you are speaking through an orifice that is not usually used for talking! 🙂

    Your opinion on Sachin’s ability to win matches for India was again off the radar. But then points from you normally are! It was an eye-raiser to me, for I had asked for evidence on Sachin’s “politicking” and not an(other) opinion on his “match winning ability”. But then again, I should learn to not raise my eyebrows at anything you say! Your utterances seem to be just that — random, not necessarily in context and delivered in a secure-content-free-zone! 🙂

    And btw, I have “evidence” to back all of the above observations I have made about your opinions 🙂

    Nevertheless, you are wrong. Sachin has won enough matches for India throughout his career. Again, if you bother to look and understand, you will find!

    Now, coming to the real crux of the matter on “evidence”…

    Could you point me to an for Greg Chappell’s report and Sanjay Jagdale’s report? I have challenged you once in the past for this and you stuck your tail between your legs and ran away. You are now quoting from it again in a thoroughly irresponsible manner that would make a 7-year-old proud!

    If you can’t point to an authentic source for that material, I suggest you desist from pointing to it willy-nilly.

    Nevertheless, you quoting Greg Chappell as a reference point in a “politicking” argument is rather interesting. Here is a person who was essentially proven to be a politician when it came to team-communications and media-handling. So essentially, anyone who hasn’t been proven to have “politicked” as much as Chappell would be to the left of him on the “politicking” graph. Clearly, by induction, Sachin is less of a politician than Greg Chappell. And by extension, quoting Greg Chappell as a character witness or a material witness in a case against Sachin Tendulkar on politicking would be irrelevant, inconsequential and immaterial.

    Now, if you do not have any further evidence on the case against Sachin’s politicking, please do not go there!

    As for Sachin being a “cry baby” that is an opinion, not evidence!

    Nevertheless, I applaud him for “standing up” to what I call Greg Chappel’s chosen route of “bullying by media”.

    The BCCI should have censured Greg Chappell for questioning Sachin’s commitment to the game via the media. Post-WC wasn’t a time for Chappell to be carrying out a trial-by-media or bullying-into-submission-by-media, especially when the media itself was over-hyped after the WC exit. Chappell was wrong to leek-and-peek again! But that was his preferred method. He was an ass in this regard, in my view. Chappell won the war against Ganguly despite his leak-and-tweek method of communications. He chose the same path to “go after” Sachin in a premeditated manner that spoke of the attitude displayed by a “cornered dog”. He was clearly desperate to hang onto (or save) his position or reputation or both! It was inopportune because the media were like a pack of wolves, seeking scapegoats! Dignified silence should have been the right thing to do for any honourable man. Any respectable human would have adopted that path. Chappell chose another (totally dishonourable, in my view) path and induced the statement from Sachin, in my view.

    Chappell forgot the single most important tenet in sports communication — what is said in the rooms stays in the rooms! That’s why Ganguly had to leave the team after Zimbabwe. And that is why Chappell had to leave too. So it wasn’t Sachin who was a “cry baby”. It was Greg Chappell who squealed (in a “cry baby” manner) to save his own skin. Chappell was, unfortunately, morally irresponsible.

    Case closed 🙂


  20. More emotional personal attacks/insinuations when I challenged the “recent record” of Tendulkar.

    OK, I do not have the transcript of Greg Chappell’s report.

    How do you know Greg Chappell leaked the report ? What is your evidence ?

    I have ONE solid evidence – India’s record in tests or one-days has been just above the minnows.

    Did Tendulakar help India win the following series ?

    1. India Vs Australia at India – when they conquered the last frontier
    2. India vs SA – 2007
    3. India vs PAK at India or Pakistan ?
    4. India’s performance at WC 2007 ?
    5. India’s WC 2003 finals ?

    I understand there was a TV report that captured talking Indian selectors talking about all factions in the team.

  21. Let’s please treat two threads separately: (a) Tendulkar’s ‘worth’ in the team, (b) Tendulkar being a “politicking” player. I picjed up on point-b above.

    I find it amusing that you are pricked by an attack on your integrity in this open forum when all you’ve been doing is firing baseless barbs wantonly at one of the best players India has ever produced. So, it is ok for you to be prickly while you do not care about the besmirching of the reputation — on the basis of no factual evidence — of a person who is not here to even defend himself. And whats more? You complain about the fact that your arguments/opinions are being shredded… All quite rich and amusing really!

    The “recent record” of Tendulkar has nothing to do with Tendulkar’s politicking. So let us divorce the two threads. One, presumably, has nothing to do with the other?

    I know Chappell leaked the report because of the admission by Rajan Bala. Period. There are no conjectures there. These are facts. Let’s move on.

    You say, “I have ONE solid evidence – India’s record in tests or one-days has been just above the minnows.”!


    That’s evidence for Tendulkar’s politicking? This is getting way too wierd for me!

    The authenticity of the TV report that captured Indian selectors talking about factions in the team is severely under question. The TV channel itself junked that thread in less than 3 hours! Moreover, pray how does the knowledge (however inaccurate) that selectors have talked about factions in the team led you to a firm conclusion that Tendulkar is a “politicking” person? Pray how?

    Let’s finish the “politicking” thread before I come onto the “performance” thread.

  22. I also read your angry tirade against Laxman. Now you are upset I questioned Sachin.

    Fans like me are brittle – “what have you done for lately” . I support when the player scores a century or throw tomatoes when India loses. That is the bottomline.

    Regarding its admissibility of evidence – the following seem reasonable

    – Rajan Bala testimony in a court, lifting his right hand that I tell the Truth, nothing but Truth ….
    – Rajan Bala’s attorney’s letter to BCCI informing that Greg Chapppell leaked the report.

    Otherwise, you should admit “hear-say” evidence or ‘read in a newspaper” that I provide.

    BTW, you should read Mukul Kesavan’s article on Laxman.

    So why did Ganguly get the nod over Laxman? It doesn’t seem to be on account of the ‘process’ that Dravid was once so keen on. If ‘process’ is shorthand for a rational long haul strategy systematically implemented regardless of short term setbacks, the dropping of Laxman seems the very opposite of process: it seems an example of how expediency trumps merit and reason in Indian cricket, it seems, in short, a political decision.

    It seems a political decision forced upon the team management by its complicity in the selectors’ decision to ‘rest’ Ganguly (along with Tendulkar) from the one-day games against Bangladesh. My guess about the reasoning behind Laxman’s exclusion goes like this: World Cup gossip, a television sting operation and the rumours about Dravid’s difficulties with senior players made it clear to everyone that they were being punished for having been recalcitrant, awkward and subversive of the captain’s authority. In this context dropping Ganguly from the Bangladesh Tests would have seemed like vendetta so the tour management dropped Laxman instead.

    Ganguly, with composure and courage, compiled a century in the Chittagong Test which meant that Laxman was benched for the Bangladesh Test series. So if Dravid is serious about a five batsman team in the long run, the current series has entrenched a batsman who is dodgy against the short ball at the expense of perhaps the best player of fast bowling in the Indian team.

  23. And your point is?

  24. Srikanth Mangalam


    One piece of evidence that you cannot question:

    Sachin’s record against Australia:
    Tst Runs HS Avg 100s 50s
    18 1480 233 51.03 2 8

    Of those 18 tests India has won 7.
    In those 7 test matches this is his performance:
    Inns Runs HS Avg 100s 50s NO
    12 896 233 81.45 2 5 1

  25. Srikanth,

    Sachin’s highest score against Australia in tests is unbeaten 241 at Sydney in 2004, if I remember correctly.

  26. And also, Sachin has 7 tons against Australia if I’m not wrong. Or are you talking about something else which I’m not understanding?

    Please excuse me in that case!:)

  27. No one can deny Sachin was a great player.

    I was only questioning his recent record – in the last 5 years – does not compare with other peers – Ponting.

    Did Tendulakar help India win the following series ?

    1. India Vs Australia at India – when they conquered the last frontier.
    2. India vs SA – 2007
    3. India vs PAK at India or Pakistan ?
    4. India’s performance at WC 2007 ?
    5. India’s WC 2003 finals ?

  28. I am not the only one who is questioning Sanchin.

    Here is cricinfo

    Whither Tendulkar?

    Sidharth Monga in Mirpur and S Rajesh

  29. Perhaps, but how does all of this translate to “politicking”, or have we moved on from that through a total absence of evidence, analysis and/or data? 🙂

  30. We need to agree what constitutes “evidence”.

    Then, I will spend time to prepare such a report.

    I do not have access to BCCI documents or contracts of players.

  31. Let’s see what we can agree on?

    (a) Can we agree that “performance” and “politicking” need to be separated out? They are unlinked. If we can agree to this, then, all points you’ve made relating to Tendulkar’s performance are irrelevant and need to be taken to a separate thread. Is that agreed?

    (b) It is perfectly ok for you to arrive at a conclusion that reads “Person ‘A’ indulges in politics”. I have no problem with you reaching any conclusion you want in any manner you want. That is your right and I don’t care or want to know how you got there. To each his own. However, the moment you state your conclusion in an open forum, I have the right to ask you for evidence to support that conclusion. For, in the absence of any evidence, your conclusion can be labelled as lying somewhere between irresponsible, scandalous and libellous! Can we agree on that?

    Once we agree on (a) and (b) we can move forward…

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