India bat first

Given the pitch conditions and the fact that Bangladesh’s bowling line up is not that great, it was surprising to see Bashar win the toss and put India in to bat. Obviously, the Bangladesh camp would have discussed the toss before the decision was made – I just wonder what the rationale was. Did Bashar think Mortaza and co could run through the Indian batting line up? Or did Bangladesh think the Indian bowling attack was too strong to face on a day 1 pitch?? Or did he not have enough faith in his own batsmen??? Whatever the reason, it was a good one from India’s point of view 🙂

At the time of writing this post, India have seen off the new ball without loosing a wicket and are 50/0 of 18 overs. Mortaza has bowled 7 overs and given away 6 runs – it is quite obvious that the Indians consider him to be their best bowler and the strategy would have been to play him cautiously.

It is a no brainer that India would like to bat just once in this match and I expect the batsman to pick up pace after the lunch break and end up with a score well over 300 at the end of the day.  


5 responses to “India bat first

  1. Spot on Mahesh!

    India have scored 326 without any wicket lost though two of its batsmen, Karthik and Jaffer had to retire ill due to severe cramps!:)

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  3. I think that although the Bangladeshi bowling wasn’t too strong and the wicket was quite placid, the heat would have made scoring any faster difficult.

    It would be interesting to see what the Bangla newspapers say about their decision to put India in.

  4. Mahesh,

    Could you give us the reports od the first two days from Bangladeshi newspapers?

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