Team India Dressing room rifts and “politicking”

Recently there has been talk of “politicking” in the Team India dressing room. This has also been drawn out in an extensive debate on this blogsite.

Today, Ravi Shastri, in a candid interview, dismisses any such conjectures and postulations.

He said,

“I thought that was nonsense. I know now that it is absolute nonsense. I don’t know what happens two months down the line. Right now it’s absolute nonsense.”

This is quite a big statement from Ravi Shastri who is, essentially, a journalist/media-commentator these days. So, a bold and incontrovertible statement of this sort is not easy. In the past I have observed that he has always been the sort that has left the door ajar to interpretation when it comes to tricky questions. On some questions, of course, he doesn’t leave much doubt. This statement above clearly leaves no doubt in anyones’ mind. Of course, he has brought himself a futures-option by saying he would not know “what happens two months down the line”. Even so, this is a clear statement (data/evidence) from an honourable man.

I like the way he says in the interview, “That’s dressing room stuff. We have discussed a lot, we have gone one-on-one with each individual.”

Sadly (in my view), Greg Chappell did not quite believe in “dressing room stuff” and let many a cat out of the bag to (perhaps) suit his own needs. There are times when one can be loose-mouthed (or trigger-fingered in these days of instant-messages and emails) and there are times when it is right to play your cards close to your chest.

It is a pity that Ravi Shastri is not available for a longer gig.

— Mohan

4 responses to “Team India Dressing room rifts and “politicking”

  1. Hello,

    Why is there even a question addressed to Ravi Sastri ? Has anyone asked this sort of question to Ponting or Vaughn ? We need to think about that !!

    Greg was apparently warned ahead of time to keep quiet about his words. But somehow, his words were amplified and got back to the players.

  2. Simple… That is because we have a press-core and a set of fans that are really a “braying mediocrity”; that is one of the real shames in Indian cricket!

    Interestingly, Steve Waugh talks several times in his book about occassional dressing room rifts. It is interesting that the Australian press did not bother with that stuff!

    Hey, put a bunch of people in a team to work together and sure as night follows day, there will be disagreements and differences of opinion. Think of every team that you have worked on. If these differences are magnified and sensationally analysed (as fans like you and the mediocre Indian press tend to do), then they will get borne out and played out!

    The problem is that every media outlet wants to outdo the other. The result is a plethora of twisted-knickers and burned-careers.

    And yes, Greg Chappell may have been warned. But he was candid in an interview that he was happy to use the media and “various other channels” of communication to communicate with players. He lost the battle then and there. There was only one way for him out of that mess and that was to head out of the door!

  3. gnbmdr,

    I meant to say “fans like us” rather than “fans like you”. We are all part of the problem.

  4. Coach K from Duke Univ gave a talk for us on team work and he mentioned his challenges as the coach of highly talented kids, with big egos.

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