Not just Whatmore!

The next 3 or 4 days, all cricket news in India will be centered around the new coach to be appointed. Already Dav Whatmore is being considered the top favorite for the post. Meanwhile Cricinfo reports that both Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev are keen that India have a home grown coach, while the players prefer a foreigner. But the most interesting piece of news is another name that has just cropped up.

It is that of Graham Ford a South African. Who is this guy? Some digging inside Cricinfo revealed this

“Unassuming and determinedly low key, Graham Ford ascended gradually to the position of South African coach, by-passing several bigger and more familiar names along the way. A competent all-round sportsman, Ford is a former provincial tennis champion, has provincial colours for football and is a qualified rugby union referee to go with his cricketing credentials. As a player, Ford had an eight-year first-class career in the Natal B team during the 1980s, but as a coach he moved steadily through the ranks, from the University of the Natal team, through the Natal Colts side to become senior Natal coach in 1992. He was the first to admit that he was fortunate with Natal in having Malcolm Marshall and Clive Rice on hand to help him guide a crop of outstanding young players which included Shaun Pollock, Jonty Rhodes, Lance Klusener, Neil Johnson, Dale Benkenstein and Errol Stewart. At the same time, his personalised approach proved not only popular, but effective as Natal astounded South Africa in the 1996-97 season by winning the domestic first-class and one-day competitions. He had already had a go at coaching the South African A team and in 1998 took the A side on tour to Sri Lanka. At the beginning of 1999, Ford was appointed assistant to Bob Woolmer in New Zealand, a role he carried through to the 1999 World Cup, before taking over the senior position when Woolmer’s contract ran out after the World Cup. In his time, they won nine of the 11 series under his guidance.. The Hansiegate Affair, however, has massively disrupted the South African side, and Ford was fired in 2001. Many believed he unfairly paid the price for internal power games within South African cricket. He moved to Kent as director of cricket in 2004, and while there oversaw an influx of South African players to the county. In 2006 he returned home to take charge of the Dolphins. ”

Of couse Cricinfo always has a way of coming with bits of info much before anybody else. The last time India chose a coach, there was a third candidate, Desmond Haynes, who I though was invited just to make up the numbers for the interview. Maybe it is the same this time and a new name has been dropped into the hat, especially after Whatmore’s statement in the press yesterday that he has not yet been offered a job in India.  I am sure another name or two will come up in the next few days before the BCCI meeting on June 4th. Meanwhile let the discussions begin.

– Sanjay

10 responses to “Not just Whatmore!

  1. I’m just fed up of this coach talk! Chappell resigned in the first week of April. Why couldn’t they find a coach within a month? Why do they unnecessarily drag the matters?

  2. Srikanth Mangalam

    Do we know that they are going to announce a new coach on June 4? Are they going to discuss coaches? Isn’t the tour not too far away. Shouldn’t the coach get some time to spend with the time?

  3. Srikanth Mangalam

    By the way, I read that Madan Lal is interested in a second stint as well!

  4. But he won’t apply. He wants BCCI to approach him!

  5. Our “guys – the same old seniors” apparently spoke to Pawar- and they requested for a foreign coach. – for those wanting a proof, I was not present at the meeting due to my other commitments 🙂 – This is inexplicable in my view. What is wrong with an Indian coach ?

    I as employee can only list what are the desirable qualities of a manager – technically knowledgeable, good communication/negotiation, friendly, … But I can not say what should be the race or gender.That would be considered as work-place discrimination.

    I think Sandeep Patil (not from TN) who has a proven track record or even Mohinder Amarnath would be good.

    One of the many knocks on Greg Chappell was that he did not understand the “indian nuances” and was blunt. Whatmore’s resume is that he knows all those nuances having been in the subcontinent for 10+ years.

    Why not consider Intikab Alam former Pak Captain as India’s coach. He is also a foreign coach 🙂

  6. Srikanth Mangalam

    Pravin Amre’s name has been doing rounds as well, I hear.

  7. I vote for gnbmdr, once again 🙂

  8. Thanks mohankaus for your vote of confidence.

    Even more than a coach I would also like to be a selector of the Indian team. I want to correct some of the “wrongs/biases”, and thus cleanse the selection process.

    Coaching is much simpler than team selection. Now, coaching has become a “data mining” problem – thanks to Bob Woolmer – i.e.

    if you bowl at a pace of 135 kmph, short of a good length outside the offistump, cutting the ball in – to Sachin,

    What is the probability

    He will defend ?
    He will be hit thru the covers ?
    He will play across the line thru the midwicket ?
    He will get out as LBW ?

    We can get all these data for every player as a coach. then it is just a numbers game.

  9. I do not vote for gnbmdr as selector 🙂

  10. mohankaus,

    my hopes are dashed 😉 i was counting on your support.

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