Daily Archives: 5 June 2007

The White Man Syndrome

I can visualize a BCCI ad for a job posting go, ” Wanted white man, about 6 ft tall, preferably blonde, preferably of english descent, to discipline (oops, coach) Indian cricket team, should be aware of a game called cricket, preferably played it as well at least at street level, should own a top-of-the-line laptop, lots of $$$$$$” and on and on…

Seriously and in no way trying to be derogatory, I have a fundamental question, what is it these white men have that is so special? More importantly, what is about coaching in general, and coaching the Indian cricket team specifically, that a brown skin is not capable of handling?

If it is about cricketing brain, I am assuming that there is at least a handful of Indians who may possess the same. If it is about modern technology, hell, we seem to have invented or at least configured most. If it is about discipline, ah!, maybe there is a gap, or is that really true (I may be able to quote a handful again at least, who as ex-Indian cricketers, were extraordinarily disciplined and had a cricketing brain). Is it behavioral, don’t get into limelight kind of attitude? Well, again, brown skins can excel in that too, don’t they?. What is it then?  

What is wrong is setting folks like Pravin Amre or Paras Mambhrey or likes up towards that goal? I am mighty curious!!! Please enlighten me because I am ignorant….

– Srikanth

No to Whatmore!

Cricinfo reports that competition for the most high-profile position of Indian cricket is a two-horse race and that Mr. Whatmore is not one of them. John Ford, as recommended by senior cricketers, is one of them and the other is not to be revealed for the time-being. I am most sure that it will be Arjuna Ranatunga who happens to be high on Gavaskar’s list. Firstly, I am glad that it is not Whatmore and secondly, if it is Ranatunga, I am quite pleased that he is being considered. And I see a big irony there. Whatmore’s biggest perceived success is with the Sri Lankan team, however, I have always believed that Sri Lanka’s success had considerably more to do with Ranatunga and Whatmore more or less went with the flow. Do I think that Ranatunga will get it, if he is the second one?. I doubt it. We will keep our fingers crossed and wait “Ford” the announcement…

– Srikanth