The White Man Syndrome

I can visualize a BCCI ad for a job posting go, ” Wanted white man, about 6 ft tall, preferably blonde, preferably of english descent, to discipline (oops, coach) Indian cricket team, should be aware of a game called cricket, preferably played it as well at least at street level, should own a top-of-the-line laptop, lots of $$$$$$” and on and on…

Seriously and in no way trying to be derogatory, I have a fundamental question, what is it these white men have that is so special? More importantly, what is about coaching in general, and coaching the Indian cricket team specifically, that a brown skin is not capable of handling?

If it is about cricketing brain, I am assuming that there is at least a handful of Indians who may possess the same. If it is about modern technology, hell, we seem to have invented or at least configured most. If it is about discipline, ah!, maybe there is a gap, or is that really true (I may be able to quote a handful again at least, who as ex-Indian cricketers, were extraordinarily disciplined and had a cricketing brain). Is it behavioral, don’t get into limelight kind of attitude? Well, again, brown skins can excel in that too, don’t they?. What is it then?  

What is wrong is setting folks like Pravin Amre or Paras Mambhrey or likes up towards that goal? I am mighty curious!!! Please enlighten me because I am ignorant….

– Srikanth


4 responses to “The White Man Syndrome

  1. Well for one Mambhrey and Amre have just started coaching while the English County candidated have years of experience. I am sure both of the above mentioned would be fine candidates in a few years time. Cricket coaching at Ranji level has become a career choice only in the last few years but has been one in the English county circles and Australian domestic circles for some time now and that is the reason why we see a bunch of these guys coaching different countries. I am quite sure Indian candidates who take this up as profession would become Indian team coaches in a few years time…

  2. Hello,

    I agree totally. We have some good coaches in India. Sandeep Patil is the foremost, with a proven track record in India (India Juniors) and abroad – Kenya.

    That question “Why not an Indian coach and why only a foreign coach ?” should be posed to the famous seniors quartet 🙂 .

    In that quartet, I would assume Dravid had to go along with them, for political reasons. Already Dravid would be in the doghouse of some players, for taking the side of Greg Chappell.

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