Graham Who? And who else?

The decision on the new Indian coach is due in the next couple of weeks. Most Indian cricket fans wouldn’t have heard the name of Graham Ford, who apparently is the front runner for the Indian coaching job. Other names have also been brandished along. CricInfo reports that  John Emburey is one of them. Apparently Duncan Fletcher is another. Graham Gooch and Mike Gatting make up the numbers.

Whatmore is now out of favour. There aren’t any Indian names that have sprung up recently, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they did. Whether it is a Firangi or Desi coach, I reckon it is time to give Balbir Singh a call and make him Head coach 🙂



6 responses to “Graham Who? And who else?

  1. Its just Embury and Ford, Mahesh. The former has a horrendous coaching record. So I wonder why he has been recommended for the job and why Whatmore fell out of contention!

  2. I thought Whatmore would have been a good fit too. And I really don’t know how Embury got into contention…Apparently Gavaskar recommended his name. I am having serious doubts about his judgement.

  3. I read through the reports and you are right, Chandan. It is just two horse race. I wish it was Fletcher rather than Embury, though…

  4. Mahesh,

    Fletcher was a very defensive coach. The way he gave precedence to Giles over Monty in Australia speaks volumes about his thinking. We can’t have such a coach pairing up with a captain who is too conventional in his thinking.

    I’m having a good feeling about Ford though. Don’t remember his work a great deal but somehow have the feeling that he might be the right man!

  5. Now that Ford is official Indian coach, the cricket in India should definetely go to the next level. He s a ideal man to coach india – – a superb coaching prowess and a mild nature, very unlike Greg Chappell who had a giant ego.

    Moreover another Kent association comes true and it has generally worked well for India. This time too ? Lets see

  6. Fingers crossed!!

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