The Mike Young article

In an article for CricInfo, Mike Young, a baseball coach who was hired as a fielding consultant by the Australian team writes –

I didn’t know much about cricket then, but I’ll tell you what: I was quite shocked at what I saw. No one had any idea about fielding balance. They were diving around with flawed techniques, and wasting energy that they should have been conserving.

In the same column he writes about Australia’s fielding techniques when he took over –

There was so much diving and sliding going on, with people saying, “It’s a great fielding side”, and so on, but I’m thinking, “If you have to dive so much, it either means you aren’t quick enough to reach the ball, or you’re standing in the wrong position.”

He also goes on to question why the fielders walk 10 steps forward as the bowler comes in to bowl, thus using up their energy. It is always interesting to see things from an outsider’s perspective – we often fail to see what may be quite obvious to an outsider….which goes back to what I suggested in an earlier column on why India needs a baseball fielding coach.


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